How good was that Shield vs Rhodes family match?

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  1. It's not often that a WWE match can get me into it emotionally, but this did. I thought the build to this was great and was one of the reasons why the match was such a success. I thought the Rhodes family performed excellently in their roles as a family against the wall, and Shield typically played the remorseless antagonists very well. The match quality was excellent and was one of the few times I actually heard the crowd. I normally hate Shield losing, but if they're going to lose, make it like this. What a fantastic ending.

    What did you think of it?
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  2. 9-9.5 out of 10. Match of the night imho and Tag Team MOTYC
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  3. It made me excited about the future for Cody Rhodes. I still think it was random when they just dropped his feud with sandow . I felt like that feud was building momentum, but it turned out great for Rhodes in the end. Golddust was cool to see. I've never been a big American Dream fan (I'm not senhor old) but it was cool to see the bionic elbow.
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  4. This was the match of the night for me. It had a great build and everyone played their roles well in the match. It was a match you could get emotionally involved in and I loved that. I can't wait to see what's next for Cody Rhodes and Goldust now that they're back in the company.
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  5. Only match I really cared for pre PPV and only one I care about post PPV. Absolutely everybody in the match played their roles to perfection - including Dusty and Dean - and the crowd were phenomenal.

    **** and tag team MotY IMO.
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  6. It was an awesome match. Built well, the pre-match interview was really good, the action was great, the crowd was hot and the story told was excellent.
  7. Called it! Match of the night!
    No doubt it was the match of the night, but not only for how good was the match itself but the story it told. The build was fantastic, firing Cody, bringing back Goldust (Which has surprised me) and Dusty gettin "cocky" with Steph (Who's awesome on the mic).
    I believe we all knew Cody and Goldust were going to get the win. Crowd was red hot.
    Loved everything about it. The segment before the match was short and simple. Dusty was great at ringside and trying to cry (Yeah, it was a little bit too much)
    Cody and Goldust defending their father was awesome as well. Bionic elbow ftw, even if Im not the biggest fan of Tag matches, this was without a doubt the best tag match so far in 2013.
  8. To be honest it was the match of the night. What a build-up, loved the part where The American Dream,
    and the Rhodes brother were congratulated after the win.
  9. I liked the way Goldust and Cody looked like "Blood Brothers" in the match...
  10. Excellent match. Very entertaining both from an in-ring and a storyline perspective.

    Loved getting to see Dusty's Bionic Elbow again (I guess I am senhor fact, I might be older than senhor).


  11. You're 102 years old? :shock:
  12. Match of the night. Nothing else to add

  13. As old as the Pyramids, as ancient as the Olympians, father to Titans and husband to goddesses.

    Yep, that's me. I'm old.

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  14. [​IMG]
  15. 10/10 Tag Team MOTY. What a match this was, the build was so good I thought I wasn't even watching WWE. The Rhodes Dynasty need to take the titles of the Shield.
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