How good was that Shield/Wyatt showdown?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 11, 2014.

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  1. I thought the segment was done perfectly. It really felt like a major confrontation between two powerhouse groups, and it was 10/10 build for their match at EC. Also I mark hard for Reigns doing shit like a face. Such a badass.

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  2. solid face off.. I can't wait for this match!.. both stables are pretty well equipped.
  3. It was awesome. I'm really looking forward to the match at EC.
  4. It was intense... the last RAW or Smackdown before EC needs to end with the same thing except they start swinging :cornette:
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  5. you sir are a booking genius
  6. I sense a bit of sarcasm
  7. Not really. It's how I would book it.
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  8. They played it perfectly, Reigns stepped in, and Bray started to step in also (showing the leaders going head to head) before laughing for playing them and dipping out. They literally could not have done a better job without making one side look weaker.
  9. Yeah no for sure if the final RAW or even smackdown doesn't do this before the PPV I'd be pretty disappointed
  10. Anyway let's be honest here.... The Shield vs The Wyatts is really the main event of EC, the chamber match will merely be an afterthought.
  11. I'm in it for ADR vs Batista [​IMG]
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  12. Is he doing 'Duck Face'? The official expression of teenage girls everywhere.
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  13. Off topic for a second: What in the hell is up with Batista now? He looks scary and not in a good, intimidating sort of way lol.

    Shield vs Wyatts will get the biggest pop of the night if it goes the way it should... bigger than Daniel Bryan even
  14. Correction, The official expression of teenage girls and Batista** everywhere!

    Lol no but seriously goddamn he's like tarnishing his image in our eyes soo bad.
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  15. oooooooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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  16. In my mind I know Batista will take the win, in my heart I may have to just root for ADR.. I'm not liking Dave's presentation recently.
  17. Was awesome. Both groups looked badass.
  18. Were you upset that Ambrose still looks like the weak link of the Shield after Henry whooped dat ass?
  19. Yeah. I can understand why WWE are booking Ambrose to be the pussy of the group since he's the best heel, but I just wish he wasn't shoved into that generic role. The guy can do so much more as the "chaotic unpredictable" one and a gimmick like that can be used to break Shield apart. Why does it have to go down the so damn generic and predictable route of one member being egotistical and thinking he's better who turns out to the the biggest pussy? You'll just say I am a butt hurt Ambrose mark, but they're ripping away his potential to make this break up incredible. If he went down the chaotic role he can cut creative promos which brings more originality to this break up.

    I'm completely fine with him losing after he splits this team up to Reigns, but it's just lame that he is literally the one bitch out of six men there when Seth is just sitting there like "yo, like my streaks?". Ambrose is better than that.
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  20. It couldn't have been scripted or executed any better. End of story.

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