How good would Kidd and Neville be teaming up?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. I really want to see these incredible workers team. Why? Just picture them with a pretty hardcore daredevil type gimmick, similar to how the hardy's were. The amount of spots you could put them in to get them over is endless. At the moment they both have shitty names and are as generic as generic gets in terms of how they look (oil, trunks), but if you give them similar unique attires and a good name/theme, they could be great together.
  2. I remember me and @"Pop Tatari" discussing teaming Neville up with Gabriel for something similar now that Kidd is out on injury. Both those teams have massive potential.
  3. Gabriel could work, I much prefer Kidd though.
  4. Yeah I think Kidd and Neville would mesh well considering their very Japanese inspired working styles. And Kidd can actually talk to a serviceable level (Not great but he gets the job done) so we have a guaranteed talker if paired up with Kidd. With Gabriel and Neville I don't know who would be the mouthpiece of the two.
  5. Would love to see it, if they got repackaged and got a nice push in the tag division it'd be awesome. Even if they didn't I'd still enjoy their low-card matches anyway.
  6. The problem with Neville and Gabriel is that they're really the same guy twice. Spot monkey A and spot monkey B.

    Kidd and Neville would be like Rey and Cara, you've got the really good small worker with the spot-monkey... What about sticking Neville with Bourne for the time being?
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