How great was Bruce Lee?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Just Kevin, Jul 6, 2014.

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  1. I've definitely been a fan of Bruce Lee for years.. reading books about him, watching documentaries, watching his movies.. this video really sums up how great he was.. one of the greatest martial artists to ever walk the planet, not too bad of an actor, a great father, and a very intelligent and wise man.


    What are your thoughts on Bruce Lee and his legacy?
  2. The water and tea cup analogy was pretty sweet. '.... you become the teacup. Be water my friend....'
    He was pretty philosophical for a guy who spent hours training his body.
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  3. So many good quotes from that man
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  4. He was a bad ass who could whoop just about anyone walking the planet (including Chuck "My Beard Looks Like Pubic Hair" Norris), despite being half their size. I have doubts if there's even anyone that's alive today that could take him. He's also seems to be a pretty wise and intelligent man, but being Chinese, I guess that's to be expected.

    He was also blessed enough to die in his prime (as odd as they may sound to most of you.)
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  5. I think the closest we have to Bruce today is Tony Jaa... I cannot wait until he fully breaks into the American market. He's going to be in Fast 7 so hopefully that will kick start an American movie career.. I love all his Thai films so far.
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  6. I need to check some of his stuff out since I haven't even heard of him until now (or I did and simply forgot about him.)
  7. The 1st Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior film (it's a 3 film series.. first 2 are good, 3rd one not so much lol) and The Protector (The Protector 2 is good as well) are his best so far.
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  8. His son's death is by far my favorite conspiracy theory to read on. I have seen his movies (once or twice at most) and have a couple buddies who idolize the shit out of him, but he's just a man.
  9. Tony Jaa is THE MAN @Lockard23 . Like Kevin said, check out the Ong Bak series. Someone introduced me to them in college. The visuals alone are amazing in the fight scenes. I think they were on Netflix for awhile. Not sure about now.
  10. What's a Bruce Lee? :kitler:
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  11. Another thing to remember when watching the Ong-Bak films... there are no wires and no special effects... everything Jaa does is actually him doing it. That makes it even more spectacular.
  12. I don't like you anymore now. :grumpy:
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  13. IP Man is by far the best of all of them.
  14. Its freaking ridiculous is what it is.
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  15. Ip Man was definitely a very good film.. one of the better stories in a martial arts movie in a long time and Donnie Yen was very good in it.. and the martial arts action was very good as well.... but if I want to be blown away by the martial arts action I watch a Jaa movie before anything else. =)
  16. 2>1>>>>>>>>3
  17. I'm confused lol
  18. Ip man has 3 movies, 2 was by far the best. 3 was terrible.
  19. I would say this applies to many movies. TMNT comes to mind
  20. I agree... I got what you were saying after thinking for a couple minutes lol

    Yeah, I agree the 2nd one was better.... and I never watched the 3rd one because Donnie Yen wasn't in it and everyone told me it wasn' very good.
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