Spoiler How Happy Was Ambrose...

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  1. When having a snake on his face?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. He tried his best not to burst out in laughter.
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  3. That's what it looked like to me as well. I don't blame him, it looked pretty hilarious.
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  4. He should've been laughing when Piper said that Punk was better on the mic than him but that's beside the point. Seeing the snake on him was pretty funny.
  5. I'd be smiling too, I'd be marking out if one of my favorites growing up did their signature on me.
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  6. This pic is adorable [​IMG]
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  7. corpsing so much. But I don't care to send for the man. Dude is happy.
  8. I don't think anyone could stand not laughing while this shit happened, honestly.
    It ended up looking adorable, lmao.
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  9. That snake could give two shits about what it's doing
  10. Jake giving Ambrose the D?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. To hell with kayfabe, live the dream, y'all.
  12. Marked for this lol. Either he was extremely happy, or that snake was tickling him.
  13. Haha, it's either he's just majorly happy about the situation or it's one of those moments where your eyes are closed and you don't know how to react so you're just desperately trying to keep your face still.
    I think i'd be pulling some weird faces if I had a snake slithering on my face too.
  14. I hate the way this Raw end. But Ambrose saved the show.
  15. I'm guessing that Ambrose was imagining that Jake was going to feign jerking off on his face with the snake, as Jake is known to do. Goddamn I wish Jake would have done that.
  16. Shame that crowd was fricking dead.
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  17. Also @Crayo is probably a little jelly that someone else got to put his snake in Ambrose's face before him.
  18. Wouldn't you smile? What a fantastic segment for him to be involved in. I wish it was my snake though as Stopspot rightly suggested.
  19. I'm sure we've all had our fantasies of resting our penises on a sleeping Dean Ambrose's face.
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