How He Did It... A Look At James Storm's Feast or Fired Tag Team Fortune..

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  1. December 12, 2013: IMPACT Wrestling features a "Feast or Fired" match. Four briefcases are suspended from the four posts of the ring. Three hold future championship matches. One holds a pink slip. Three "feasts" and one "your career is over" in a single epic match. In this particular match, eight TNA superstars competed, including Gunner and James Storm. It was Gunner who shocked the world and secured the fourth and final briefcase. James Storm left empty handed.

    December 19th, 2013: The Reveal: With James Storm behind him, Gunner would find out his fate and opened the jackpot. Upon opening The case, Gunner entered into a Contract for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the plot thickened. It was EC3 who walked away with the case containing a future TNA World Tag Team Title Match.

    What happened next?

    February 14, 2014: Winner Take All; Gunner would put his World Championship Contract up for grabs against EC3's World Tag Team Championship Contract in a tag team ladder match. A risky move by both, but a tremendous opportunity to the victors. Gunner would team with James Storm & EC3 had Magnus. The stage was set. Gunner and James Storm would leave with both cases and all the spoils. For his trouble, Storm was given the briefcase containing the Tag Team Championship Contract. All was forgotten.

    Until November 12, 2014: The Revolution: Storm had his plan, James Storm couldn't lose last night on IMPACT Wrestling. Davey Richards joins The Revolution and The Wolves are finished or, as it played out, Davey plays hero & Storm goes to the well, brings out Feast or Fired and The Revolution wins. Anyone could have carried that briefcase around like a trophy for a year. James Storm kept it lying in wait & as a result The Revolution are TNA World Tag Team Champions.


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