How I Met Your Mother Discussion (SPOILERS)

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Lady Deathbane, May 13, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    We FINALLY meet the mother! Cristin Milioti from 30 Rock!​

    So... who saw today's/most recent episode? How do you feel about it?

    Do you think season 9 will try and drag on the meeting between Ted and the mother for the whole season or will we actually get to see some afterward interaction between Ted and the mother and how exactly they got together? I was worried for awhile that we would just see Ted meeting the mother at the wedding and that'll be it for the whole show considering the name of the show is "How I MET your mother" not "How Your Mother and I Got Together", but since there's a whole season coming, I really, really doubt they would drag like a week in the show in 20 or so episodes. It's quite obvious that Ted will be conflicted between and mother and (once again) Robin and that'll probably be the whole season. It'll probably be the last season as well.
  2. Next season has to be the last. You can only drag a set up like this along for so long and it seems like all is finally falling into place for the big final season. Just like with Friends ten or so years ago.
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  3. Yes, I agree. I actually see a lot of people complaining about HIMYM just keeps dragging it along and getting tiresome already.

    I'm fine with it ending or it dragging along some more. I'm not tired of it at all because the actors are just so great together, lmao.
  4. Seems like how people felt about Friends near the end of its run. Half the fanbase wanted it to end because it was dragging on and the characters had "grown up" whilst the other half were so attached to the characters that they didn't want it to end.
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  5. Yeah, a long series tends to have that effect on people, lol. I always find myself on the "never wanting it to end" side, haha.
  6. I think it all depends on the type of show. If they were to run Game of Thrones or Walking Dead on longer than the source material then people would be pissed.

    Comedy's like Big Bang Theory are easier to keep going longer since the characters are manchildren.
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  7. Yeah, I agree. It's the same situation with Teen Titans. They ended the show when the comic books did and they decided to do premiere spin-off recently, "Teen Titans Go!" and let's just say a lot of people are pissed about it.
  8. Teen Titans the comic book wasn't canceled when the show ended. The show was canceled because it was bad in the ratings and also was a bad interpretation.
  9. I heard there were talks that Jason Segel did not want want to be in the next season, that he feels he is done with HIMYM
  10. I really expect a twist in the last season TBH ,like Lady said i don't see the whole season being focused around Ted and the mother's relationship .i believe something is gonna happen during the wedding that will change the direction of the story.
    Maybe she's not even the mother after all :notsure:
  11. What I've been thinking is that even though Ted's already with his wife and had his two children, he'll go back to Robin in the end. I really don't want it to be true, but with every episode it just starts to lean that way, especially the most previous ones. However, I recently saw a picture that consisted of pictures of all of Ted's past girlfriends and it made me think that all of them ended because of Robin and now I'm thinking that this new chick, this mother, would finally be the one to turn Ted away from Robin and really make an impact. That's just me speculatin', though. :hmm:
  12. well i think the first episode of the last season will answer a lot of questions because i don't see Ted going after Robin if she's already married to Barney
  13. They divorce and Ted turns gay. #Callingit
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  14. I know, but who knows where they'll end in the following years is what I'm saying. Like, after Ted has his two children and is with his wife. I'm scared he might go back to Robin despite all that he already has, but now I have reasons to believe he will not do this and stick with his wife and kids instead.
  15. lol i would LMAO if they went that way :dawg:
  16. I wouldn't. I'd be pretty pissed if Ted and Robin were endgame, lol.
  17. On a side note : i don't really agree with the actress they chose for the role she's just :meh:
  18. It was okay. It's good to finally see the mother, and the ending was brilliantly done but I both saw it coming from miles away (I knew we'd be seeing the mother at the end of season eight before the season even began) and more importantly as good as that was it doesn't change the fact that the whole episode was pretty much void of any laughs. Obviously we'll be seeing Ted and the mother interact in the next season (unless Bays & Thomas are retarded, and they're not). Hopefully I like her more than Victoria (before the series decided to ruin her).

    She's the mother. Any twist in the story is going to be something involving the other main cast, most likely Robin/Barney.

    Don't worry, he's not ending up with Robin. There's literally zero chance of that happening.
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  19. Yeah, it was quite obvious. I just hope the way things end up in season nine aren't as predictable, like say the way Barney proposed to Robin. I have no idea how Ted is going to top the way Barney proposed because it was just so mindfucking, lmao.

    And yeah, I hope you're right, but I can't shake the little possibility of it. Most shows have the couple in the very beginning also be the couple in the end.
  20. Hello Ross and Rachel.
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