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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Neptune, Dec 12, 2015.

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  1. Not sure if anyone watched this on here or not. I finally seen the last few episodes. I watched them all up until the last season on Netflix but canceled it before they released the last season. I finished it up on the TV... So yeah... I didn't like it. I mean, the ending would have been fine if things didn't happen prior to the ending.

    The last 2 episodes made me mad because they rushed it. I was fine with the mother being dead this whole time... But it should have had one more season to build up to this or one season less. There is way too much left up in smoke. Barney's part with his daughter was well done. I don't think he and Robbin ever should have married if they knew that it was going to end up being Robin and Ted. They should have let it linger on Robin still having feelings for Ted, which she clearly did, and killing off the wedding by Robin moving away. Then let Robbin be gone for a whole season, bringing her back for Ted's wedding. In the time gone, Barney would become Barney again and they could have built up slowly with him becoming a father. Robbin going through the divorce over her career makes her whole role on the show a joke and to be a key in the ending, bleh. The kids being excited over it too... really? And Ted not even getting teary eyed when he finished it up shows that he was never even truly "in love" with the mother, it was always Robbin.

    Maybe it is just me but the show would have been way better if Robbin didn't marry Barney, Ted didn't take 7 years to marry the mother (no freaking excuse for that!), and after canceling the wedding with Barney, Robbin was gone (the whole last season) until she realized how much she did love Ted and came back only to see it was too late because he met the woman of his "supposed" dreams. I feel like the whole sped up ending was bad. Like I said, cut it a season shorter or make it a season longer and it would have been great. Way too much pointless filler happened and too many questions were left unanswered.

    A bit of a late night vent since I just finished it but meh. Ruined it for me. I am glad Marshall (Lily a close second) was always my favorite character or I woulda been pissed if it had been Barney, Ted, or Robbin.
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