How I think Shield will function/the hierarchy within it

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. This is what I've gathered and theorized about how Shield will operate and work after discussing it with Sheldor and Waco. Judging by their actions and the interview.

    Ambrose is the aggressor of the group. the aggressive one with the psychotic edge who will most likely bend the groups idealistic goals to his own ideals. He is not the leader right now. But he most likely will assume or steal command down the road.

    Rollins is the idealistic one of the group. He is the one who honestly and actively believes in the ideas that they say that they stand for. He seems to be the leader right now but I expect Ambrose to steal it from him, setting up A Rollins face turn (and most of us who have followed Rollins knows that he works much better as a face.) Which will most likely lead to an interesting rivalry between Rollins and Ambrose or maybe Rollins and Punk down the line.

    Reigns is the muscle and in ring commander it seems. He calls the shots in the ring at least with their big moves. He seems to be the one to direct the traffic so to speak. He is a mostly silent giant who only speaks when needed, which is good since it protects him. He seems to be there to keep Rollins and Ambrose together since he has the physical size to stop them if either goes too far.

    Note that this is all assumptions and interpretations from my point of view but I know that Waco agrees with me at least somewhat as does Sheldor. What do you think? Will there be a different dynamic between the three or does mine seem reasonable?
  2. How I think Shield will fucntion/the hierarchy within it

    Sounds about right
  3. I think so too. It also gives all three guys important parts in it and doesn't take away from either guy.
  4. What do you think @[Wacokid27] @[Big Hoss Rambler] @[DannyWoods] ?
  5. Personally it's a stand out for me. Ambrose is by far the best of the 3 but if they each play their roles they can all succeed in their roles. The other two were believable to me and that's the goal. I like what they are doing and am interested to see how it continues to grow. What you said is pretty much spot on so not much I can add because I agree.
  6. I was thinking Roman Reigns was leader since he said when the interview was over.
  7. Ambrose is the best talker out of the bunch without a doubt. And that is how he will slowly but surely assume the role of leader and push Seth away. He's like the snake in the bible in that he twists his words . Seth is the better ring worker of the two by pure technical skill but in my opinion him and Ambrose can tie when it comes to telling a story in the ring but Ambrose ringstyle leans more against such whilst Seth is more of a high flyer
  8. This is a little amateur of me but I really have only seen Ambrose and Rollins wrestle. I don't get NXT so i've never seen anything on Reigns. So i'm kind of in the dark on him for a couple of weeks. I like his role though and how he said "ill speak when i have something to say" That one line was short but said so much .
  9. Reigns is the greenest of the three easily. He's only been wrestling for two years but he is a former Georgia Tech pro football player and also did some time in the CFL. Not unlike his cousin the Rock. He's pretty impressive for a 2 year rookie, showcasing that scary Samoan athleticism which allows him to do some pretty impressive things for a guy his size. He works well with really gifted guys but he isn't at that point yet where he can lead a match with a lesser skilled one and make it a 4 star match. He needs time to grow which is why I think this will benefit him greatly.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if Ambrose is using Reigns as a puppet leader, maybe even convincing Rollins that Reigns is the one in charge while Ambrose works as the "power behind the throne".

    I was, in my head at least, comparing them to the 4 Horsemen, with Punk being Flair, Ambrose and Rollins being Ole and Tully, and Reigns being Arn Anderson, while Heyman will eventually be the J.J. Dillon of the group.

  11. I just read he's related to the rock, rakishi, yokozuna and umaga...... HOly hell that reeks of potential.
  12. Mhm. As I discussed with deth last week I've taken to comparing these three guys debut with the debut of Cena, Orton and Batista, who all three debuted in the same year. Ambrose is the Orton of the trio, the villain, the heel, the bad guy (the one best suited for a villain role). Rollins is the face. He has the face charisma and moveset and suiteable mic skills for a face to get him over, thus he fills the Cena role. Reigns is the Batista. Greenest of the three but can be very well cultivated if allowed to grow.
  13. Yah I saw your post in that discussion thread about this and yes, you're right. Ambrose is the psychotic aggressor, Seth is the idealist and Reigns is the muscle. Hard to say which one's the leader between Seth and Ambrose though. I know Seth was the one talking for group mostly but we'll see. I think they're all equal and not like The Nexus where you had Barrett as the main leader.
  14. The Shield WTF?

    The Shield WTF? what kinda name is that and their reason for what they have done is lame. I can gurantee 6 months from now all 3 of them will either be jobbing or released
  15. The Shield WTF?

    Who the fuck cares about the name. They won't be jobbing goddammit.
  16. The Shield WTF?

    Lol you think three of the most exciting and talented prospects in WWE will be released? Ambrose will be a main eventer this time next year. Silly.
  17. The Shield WTF?

    I don't think they will be jobbing but after seeing what they have done lately the only one with a shot at a big title is reigns. Sad but true.
  18. I disagree, I have no idea how you got the "Rollins seems to be the leader right now" theory. If anyone seems to be the leader, it's Reigns.

    I agree about Ambrose, I agree that Rollins will be the face who fizzles out from the group. If anything Rollins seems the lowest in command at the moment.

    Ugh, why did someone merge a hate thread into this one... -.-
  19. I'm telling you guys, Rollins reminds me of an early Punk. Intercontinental Champion, Money in the Bank and World Heavyweight Champion!
  20. StopSpot convinced me reigns is the one that will excel, so i'm going to roll with him and expect ambrose to be great at telling stories and rollins to be a good worker.
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