How I would book Christian's return.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, May 30, 2013.

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  1. I have read that WWE are having issues on how Christian can return.

    I would book Rhodes in a I-C Title match, Have him win it, And on RAW have him cut a promo on how the title is back home after Christian stole it 1 year ago, Christian comes out and says he beat him for it before he can do it again, They have a match at Payback and I dont care who wins tbh. This would push Rhodes from his jobbing and put him a respectable mid-card position and Christian can return to mid-card and possibly put Rhodes over for another push and Christian can move up the card too.
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  3. NOT MORE APP! :upset:
  4. Sounds like you'd just reset it to status quo and it wouldn't go anywhere really.
  5. I may not go far but its an easy way for Christian to return and push Rhodes, Both men have good chemistry in the ring, It would be entertaining.
  6. The push for Cody would need more of a background though. Curtis Axel worked because he wasn't on TV for 2 years. Cody is a TV regular, the fans know what position he has on the card. Him just implanting himself into the IC title scene out of nowhere wouldn't really work.
  7. I like christian but i have lost the excitement of a return for him,its been so long.
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