How I would book Joe Hennig

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. A great young talent with the business in his blood is being wasted right now. Here is how I would book his rise to relevance.

    -Have him come out on NXT and announce they've seen the last of Micheal McGullicutty.

    -Two weeks later, have him come out with new ring attire and absolutely stretch the hell out of whomever the NXT champ is. Just put on every submission move he can.

    -Continue the previous cycle for two weeks

    -Have the champ call him out and ask him what the problem is. He replies by saying his name is Joe Hennig, and he wants what he deserves, the NXT championship. The champ accepts his challenge.

    -Hennig wins a hard fought contest and promises to be a fighting champion cause its in his blood.

    -Have him go on a 3-4 month title reign

    -In the fourth month, show Ric Flair watching his matches from the back or in the audience and have the commentators speculate as to the reason why.

    -Finally have Hennig lose to a worthy opponent

    -Flair then comes out and says that he was a hell of a champion and reminds him a lot of his dad. He then goes on to say, you're dad helped me get to the top of WWE, the least I can do is help you do the same, you've got what it takes brother.

    -The next week on Smackdown have Hennig attack the IC Champ.

    -The IC champ says that these silly tactics may have worked on NXT, but won't work on the big stage, and say he's got to work his way to the title.

    -Over the next few weeks have Hennig beat all the challenges placed in front of him, all the while cutting promos on how the IC title is his birth right, that the IC title has Hennig blood in the stitching, that he's the rightful heir to the title.

    -Finally, have him take on the IC Champ at the RR. It ends in a time limit draw (thats right, I'm bringing it back)

    -The rematch is set for WM, where he finally wins and cuts an emotional speech on how long and tough the journey has been, etc.

    -Have him hold the title for a long time

    That is all
  2. I personally wouldn't have him become a carbon copy of his father with all the submissions. He wouldn't succeed then since he isn't his father. I'd let him be his own man.
  3. EPrsonally I think that he has to be hlike his father to be successful. Than he can e his own man.
  4. How did that work for Davey Boy Jr? Or Ted Dibiase Jr?

    A key factor for a multi generational star succeeding is stepping out of his father's shadow. Look at Cody Rhodes. How would he have succeeded if he was like his father? Or his brother Goldust, the prime example of stepping out of his father's shadow.

    Joe Hennig isn't Curt Hennig. He sits on a lot if not the same wrestling ability but isn't as technically sound. Joe is much more suited for an aggressive style. Lots of suplexs and strikes.
  5. This Randy Orton not a carbon copy of his dad and he has had great success.
  6. Yup. If you have a famous dad you are always going to be compared to him if you do the same thing, and then you will never be doing it right or be good enough.
  7. They couldn't use them. Orton and Cody is way different, they had big potentials, also they had great chance to show themselves. Evolution and Legacy, but since Hennig doesn't haveit, he should havea try at lest. This guy will take push in my opinion as Dwayne Johnson has his back.
  8. Are you saying that Randy Orton would be just as big today as a cowboy with a cast around his arm?
    Or Cody Rhodes would be where he is now dancing around in polkadots?
  9. @"Pop Tatari" comment please.
  10. Not really as these two gimmicks arent useful gimmicks for today but if Hennig used a gimmick like he keep talking about his father and how WWF treated her bad, he was great, he was Mr. Perfect, probably the best ever, the best ever Intercontinental Champion. He would have talked like this and then he would say he wont let WWE do what they done tohis father. An angry son gimmick actually.
  11. Curt didnt use many submissions, his finisher was a suplex.
  12. Joe Hennig does not have the Charisma to copy his fathers gimmick, He should be booked as a wierdo/psycho heel gimmick.As Stopspot said people will always compare a 2nd or 3rd generation wrestler to whats gone before and its for the best for Joe to branch out and come up with a gimmick he can portray well with total confidence.
  13. Agreed, I never said he has to use the perfection gimmick. I want him to be a go out there, school the guy he's in the ring with type of guy and just acknowledge his family history. Rhodes and Ortons dads are brought up all the time. Hell, bob was even involved in the Taker/Orton feud.
  14. We talked a bit a couple of months back about him having a bit of an outlaw/badass gimmick. Bit of James Storm meets meets aggressive heel. Play on the fact that Joe is a bit rough in his looks and an outdoors person. It would also allow him to interact with the crowd and use mannerisms in his ring work.
  15. Yeah i could see that working
  16. Will Joe ever even get on TV? Lol
  17. Quiet you :Aries:
  18. Pretty good promo done last year
  19. I remember that one. That feud with Tyson was fantastic.
  20. Really good booking there Perfect, simple but effective. Would love to see it and I think it could work.
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