How I would book RTWM (Minute after Royal Rumble)

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  1. Starting with Team Hell No and the tag team championship.
    I would have a ladder tourney to see who the best (kayfabe) tag team is. I would have multiple tag teams from each show, and 1, maybe 2 from NXT. I would have the NXT tag team work their way up the ladder until the final match to determine the championship. I would end up booking the Miz and Sin Cara as a temporary tag team and have them work their way up to the top of the ladder, to lose to the NXT tag team.

    With the United States title.
    I would end up booking Antonio Cesaro to do a promo on RAW a few weeks before the EC match, and I would have Chris Jericho come out and pretty much drop a pipebomb on Cesaro, followed by a patented codebreaker to Cesaro, thus starting a feud. I would continue the feud even after EC where I would have booked the match being interrupted by Dolph Ziggler. Then I would have a feud going with those 3 up until Wrestlemania.

    With the Intercontinental title.. well, no one really cares about it point blank. WWE does next to nothing to add prestige to the title. I mean come on, besides making an NXT star shine, Barrett has been jobbing left and right. To change this, I would book Barrett in a match against Bo where the Shield would come down, powerslam Bo, and Barret would do his thing and Pin Bo at EC. I would continue this to Wrestlemania where for the first time ever, I would have an NXT star compete and well, lose against Barret.

    World Heavyweight Championship, well I wouldn't change anything, I kind of like where WWE is going with this feud. The only thing I would suggest is cut the crap comedy with with Ricardo. It's not really needed. I wish they would go a little more serious with the WHC. I mean think about it. Besides Big Show, when was the last time the WHC was taken seriously? It certainly wasn't Sheamus and ADR's last run kind of sucked. Bryan's run was a joke.

    For the WWE Championship.
    So many things I would of changed on this. The Royal Rumble match was pure terrible. It showed absolutely no skill, and it made Rock look a lot weaker and like he had no skill. He's better than that. I would ended that match by Rocky hitting the sharpshooter after delivering the peoples elbow. The way they ended that made Punk look weak.
    Leading up to the EC match, I would focus the feud between Punk, Rock, Cena, and throw in a third person leading up to the EC. preferably Ryback. I would just put the four in random matches leading up to EC. I would have the EC match end in a no contest due to the shield attacking the remaining three people left in the EC. This would bring in a bigger feud leading up to WM. I would potentially have Ryback, Sheamus, and a third wing take on the Shield at Wrestlemania.
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