How I would book TNA's last episode...

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  1. *TNA tell people to tune in to YouTube and not the normal recorded episode*

    *Dixie walks out at the start of the night with EC3 by herside. The rest of anyone employed stands on the entrance ramp*

    Dixie enters the ring and starts talking.

    "Impact/TNA it comes with great regret that I have to inform everyone who watches this, that tonight is the last ever episode that I will be a part of. We got deals on the table but, they don't leave TNA in a reasonable state in the long term. However! Tonight, is your night! We swap the control to you! We'll set up a poll asking you what match stipulation and who should be in that match, every title will be defended and everyone will fight at least once... Thank You for the party, now it's time to tear it up."

    * Dixie walks out leaving everyone shocked including the wrestlers*

    First match comes round:
    Choices are:
    8 stages of hell (new match they designed, 8 steel cages four on the bottom and four on the top)
    Weapons only match (where only weapons can be used to win and to win they have to knock the other person out)
    Fatal 4 way
    Normal 1 on 1 match.
    Wrestlers are basically anyone on the roster.
    Fans also chose which title gets defended

    *Videos role that show the best bits of TNA*

    Second match comes around:
    same matches the one that got picked gets removed.
    different title.

    *another video roles where people from TNA's past years talk about their sadness surrounding tonight's show*

    Third match:
    X division title defended in a Ultimate X match.

    Fourth Match:
    same matches the one that got picked gets removed.

    *a camera backstage picks up masked men storming through multiple doors asking where Dixie is... and they're followed by a figure wearing a suit and polished black shoes, but doesn't show the head...*

    Fifth Match:
    A battle royal for the knockouts Championship if you submit or get pinned you're out. Every woman get's a chance to fight as long as it doesn't flow backstage but it some fights take to the fans where Emma from NXT makes a appearance through the crowd attacking anyone fighting in the crowd with a barbed wire baseball bat attacking before disappear through the other side of the crowd.
    Mickie James wins the championship pinning a returning ODB via pin fall after Mickie smashed over the head with a bottle thrown to her by James Storm. ODB came back as a favour for Dixie.

    *Another Camera shows the people from the previous segment behind the suited person, all of them walk into Dixie's office...*

    Sixth match:
    The exact same match as the fifth but for the heavyweight championship. The last five women of the previous match also get a chance to fight and old superstars that left the company come back to fight in the last ever TNA match.
    Everyone starts fighting and old rivalries continue.
    Aybss and Crimson join forces and start taking everyone out. Commotion breaks out in the crowd and a massive pop breaks out as soon as people realise Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin are there dressed in Motor City Machine Guns clothes and also holding hammers; they go towards anyone close to them and lay waste to them.
    Meanwhile on the screen Austin Aries and Eric Young both march through the backstage section and stop on the entrance ramp to receive another huge pop. Both Aries and Young go for Shelly and Sabin, Abyss and Crimson try to intervene in the fight but get hit by both teams with steel chairs resulting in another huge pop and signalling the only stop in them fighting.
    A couple of chaotic minuets pass and nothing changes then the lights go out and the stream (through YouTube) shows technical issues as the only problem. After a short time of the arena in darkness, spotlights show on the entrance ramp. The Young Bucks stand mighty and slowly walk down whilst people still fight around them and by the ring. The fans go mental as The Young Bucks enter the ring then proceed to empty it. They then get out off the ring and go backstage.
    The rest of the match carries on as normal and the match ends when Kurt Angle German Suplex's EC3 through a metal railing which separates the fans and the ring; Kurt then pins him. Dixie, and the rest of the people who weren't injured too badly in early matches or backstage, walks out and congratulate Kurt and celebrates the company.

    Shane's music cuts the celebrations short and he appears on the ramp along with Aries, Young, Emma and the Young Bucks. Shane starts to talk.
    "I hope you liked my interference TNA!!! Well this isn't the last episode. But I'm here to announce, I have brought two companies, TNA and Ring Of Honour. Daddy will be pissed. But he cut me off WWE so who wants to say Fuck you Vince? Basically I'm merging both companies and creating a powerhouse that will have two separate shows. Thank you Dixie."

    Kurt slams the title into Dixie's face opening a crimson red stream of blood weeping from her face uncontrollably. Suddenly most of the wrestlers turn on the backstage crew except Earl Hebner whom is shocked when Bret Hart emerges and punches him straight in the face. Shane laughs on the entrance ramp as the cameras stop...
  2. First off, TNA will never die! :vince3:

    As for the show, you didn't even give results for half of the matches. Who is walking out of this show the X Division Champion or the other titles (excluding the Knockout's championship and World Heavyweight Championship)? Also, I don't see why Bret Hart is there.

    If you are continuing this, I would love to see what your roster is after all of this. With the current TNA and ROH rosters as well as the returning TNA wrestlers and new wrestlers, you are going to have to cut a lot of people.

    I would suggest work on further writing things out in the future. Interested to see where this goes.
  3. Another thing...maybe format it better. You know, make it look purdy. It doesn't really flow that well.
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  4. I didn't even state the wrestlers as that is up to the crowd/viewers so I felt like I wouldn't bother choosing wrestlers or the winners.
    Can't remember putting Bret Hart in.
    I might do a follow up at a later date...
  5. I was in a rush to post it, I apologise for the format.
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