How I would try and revive the Midcard.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Black Iron PJ, Mar 27, 2016.

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  1. So as you all know the midcard is like, a mess. There's now two belts and nobody know what to do with them and 50/50 booking is WWE's trying to fix that problem and the result is some of the most predictable, safest things I've seen in television. But how do we or I fix that?

    The first course of action, is defining what the United States and Intercontinental Championships represent. I would make the Intercontinental Championship back to what it's original purpose was, the stepping stone belt, the title you win and it gives the audience the idea that you're going to be a world champion one day. Look at the Intercontinental Champions of the 90's and look at the champions of the 2000's. The Intercontinental Champions of the 90's were Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Triple H, what do these guys all have in common? They all eventually became WWE Champion. Now let's look at the Intercontinental Champions of the Noughties. Okay Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, then ughhh, Carlito, Umaga, Shelton Benjamin...
    Okay look not everybody who wins the Intercontinental Championship is going to eventually main event Wrestlemania, good god I don't think anybody wanted to see Marc Mero win the Royal Rumble. But you get my point on how WWE really treated the Intercontinental Championship back then as "Alright let's see how the crowd like this person as Intercontinental Championship and then if he's over we'll give him a push to the main event." It shows how out of favor it's gotten and to make sure that it starts getting on the right track, somebody like Roman Reigns should've won it before his world championship reign to show off the desire for that belt. The next future world champion should hold it and when they win that eventual world title, it will make Intercontinental Championship start to look like money.

    Then we have the United States Championship, this is a belt the I finally found a usage for after thinking about it in the shower and reminiscing on how awesome Shibata and Ishii's match at Wrestle Kingdom 10 was and then it hit me, it was awesome because we were seeing two hard hitting motherfuckers at their element and the result was a cathartic masterpiece. The United States Championship should be the Hoss belt. A Hoss is generally a negative term to wrestling fans, but in this case a Hoss means somebody who is strong, unstoppable, and a beast in the ring. This is the man's belt, and whoever holds it is a sign of them being a real badass who won't back down from fights. I'm imagining guys like Cesaro, Ryback, Sheamus, Rusev and maybe a soon to be called up Baron Corbin to be the main faces for the United States Championship. Make the United States Open Challenge a requirement for the champion and have it open ever show, it will make the crowd excited by witnessing an amazing title match and a heel can generate some real good heat by cheating or disqualifying themselves to prevent the audience from seeing a great match unfold.

    Now we have King Of The Ring. WHAT HAPPEN TO THIS CONCEPT? The King Of The Ring had the same idea as the Intercontinental Championship had but on a grander scale. Whoever won meant that they were going to do some real amazing things in the future, the Austin 3:16 promo, Bret Hart winning it twice, it was the original Royal Rumble concept of a new star arriving by winning an important event. So how do make it important again, simple. The winner of King Of The Ring, gets a number one contedership to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam. Not a stupid king gimmick, they get to headline WWE's second biggest event in the year. It's a simple idea with a large value to it. The first winner of this new King Of The Ring (I would pick Bray Wyatt) needs to win their match at Summerslam to give the King Of The Ring an layer of importance, not every winner, but at least the first. Let's kill two birds with one stone by having the semi and finals be at Battleground to make that PPV at least somewhat important.

    Remember when I said that not everybody who wins the Intercontinental Championship isn't going to be a full time main eventer, well the last thing to add is The Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper is a booker's best friend, they dominate the midcard yet lose to an eventual main eventer to give that main eventer an increase in stock. There have been many Gatekeeper's in pro wrestling, like one my personal favorites, Scott Hall/Razor Ramon, and nowadays Roderick Strong and Hirooki Goto of Ring Of Honor and New Japan fame respectively. But WWE is really needing a Gatekeeper because of the influx of talent they have now. It's very easy to book a Gatekeeper, have them consistently win matches at the midcard, while semi being featured in the main event scene, and lose to an up and coming star to give that person some credibility. But who is even credible to be a Gatekeeper? A few years ago I would have told you Dolph Ziggler, but now Dean Ambrose is my pick. I wouldn't make them have their entire career be nothing but kicking jabroni ass, as I would at least give them a world title run or two as a thank you for help building up stars.

    So that's how I would reshape WWE's midcard, would do you think? Let me know down below, and I want to know if I should continue this series or not. I got some pretty good rebooking ideas.
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  2. This is what they were going for when Daniel Bryan had the title it seems, I'm not a huge fan of his but he a great person to hold the "workhorse" title.
    I like the KOTR idea, that needs to come back.

    Also, I'll pitch in an idea here. How about each year, the current US title (for example) holder gets to cash in their championship for a shot at the WWE WHC? This is what TNA does with the X-Division title, one of their better ideas. The decision could be made a couple weeks before a PPV that needs some excitement, Night of Champions seems fitting.
    Of course, if the wrestler cashing in loses then the US title is now vacant which opens up the door for somebody else. Maybe even a KOTR tournament could crown the new champion and start that cycle again.
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  3. So in this timeline we'd have the Royal Rumble, King Of The Ring, Money In The Bank and US Title cash in for a WWEWHC shot each year, isn't that a bit of overkill?
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  4. :yes: Let's go nuts
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  5. I, personally, think that WWE is revitalizing this concept. If you look at the champions ever since the big reboot at WrestleMania 31, each have had a monster push to go along with it. Daniel Bryan was a former Mania headliner, a multi time world champion and known as the best wrestler in the world. Ryback was neither of those things but they gave him a push to make people see him more respectable. I can't say that Ryback was booked horribly as champion because, in my opinion, he was booked just right to his ability. Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose have been touted as future world champions since they've debuted. Dean Ambrose's run was good since it was a slow build to the win. He hadn't held a title since May 2014, and winning his first Intercontinental Championship was a sight to see. Kevin Owens holds the title with an integrity that hasn't been seen in a while. I think the last time the Intercontinental Championship was so prominently featured was when Cody Rhodes held the title for nearly a year.

    I was a big fan and still am a big fan of Marc Mero. I would've been perfectly fine for a Rumble and a world title reign. He's one of the few guys in the wrestling business that use their celebrity to help and not critique or bury something/someone. Not to mention that he was legit. A golden gloves holder, him and Shamrock or Dan Severn (before he became a jobber) could've had an absolute slaughter if they were let loose.

    I disagree with this. No title should be based on level of stiffness or portrayal, in the ring. I've never been a fan of titles that are made for very specific types of wrestlers. It's like creating a sub-division of a Heavyweight division for people who can hit hard. It's unneeded. I think the best way to represent the United States title is to make it the "work horse" title. The title that is defended often, at house shows, at PPVs on TV. This is just me, but the title shouldn't get a paint-job for a long while. With the paint chipping away, it will make it obvious that this belt has seen some wars. But anyways, the title should be defended often and in long matches.

    That's a bit much. Opening the show and doing the Cena gig, isn't going to make the title seem relevant or good. It will make it seem that they're latching on to what worked because of the character of the guy holding the challenges, and super-imposing it on others.

    That's a good concept. A firm way to establish the Summer Slam card, but if I remember correctly they only did this gimmick for the 2002 version. It was kind of weird because Lesnar was KOTR and had this guaranteed shot at The Rock, but was feuding with The Hardyz and RVD for the remainder of the time. Seemed a little off.

    I think this a pretty good idea, but there shouldn't just be one gatekeeper. Two work horses having along feud and both of them would be elevated. Having two would make it easier for more of the roster to get over.

    I would also add, that if SmackDown is little more than a recap show of RAW. Why not let the less featured stars get a shot on there? Have guys like Jack Swagger, Los Matadores, Fandango, Zack Ryder, The Ascension, Mark Henry, Tyler Breeze and even have Zeb Colter return and have him manage someone to a spot on RAW? By that I mean, make SmackDown the proving ground. NXT is the developmental system. When they are brought up they will have a shot on RAW. If things aren't working out, send them to SmackDown. SmackDown matches are longer and usually have more time to develop.

    Which also leads me to believe that a legitimate brand split would be effective. Not like the brand split in 2009-2011. I'm talking about the brand split from the early days. When both shows got just as much attention and respect. When people wanted to see Eddie Guerrero take on a RAW superstar and fantasy matches were made up. Not the silly shit that was Friday Night Recap and Monday Night Bore.
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  6. With the influx of Indy talent coming to WWE, they pretty much need to find a way to shoot them straight unto the main event to maximize their capabilities. The more opportunities to do that, the better in my opinion.
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  7. There's plenty of ways to do that without forcing it through all those stips though isn't there?
  8. Not really. NXT is more than just a developmental. It's a place for indy talent to really develop a fan base and have something to do. If someone like Roderick Strong came in, and spent a long time in NXT. He's gaining more fans through the Network and still having something to do. Also, indy talent have more freedom on the network, with no TV constraints and not too much micromanaging. If I was an indie talent, and young - I would choose to go to NXT before I go to WWE if I was given the choice.

    The pre-conceived notion that if you're not on the main roster than you have nothing to do, is so wrong. NXT's original title tournament had guys from the main roster. It's more than a developmental system. Zack Ryder and Tyson Kidd were on NXT before they got a push on the main roster. Kidd got a massive push to the Tag Titles and Zack Ryder is going to be on his first featured match on a Mania card since WrestleMania 28.
  9. Yup. The easiest one being structured storytelling, character establishment and growth. Most of this is done by feuding in the midcard.
    Sadly this is a lost art 6 days out of the WWE week
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  10. Like your idea with the US belt. If the US/IC belts would give us different styles of matches, hoss fights or fun Lucha, that would be wonderful!

    Hey Solidus, since you brought up Option C: Why not steal the Bound for Glory Series as well? How much would a round-robin tournament kick ass on Raw!? It would guarantee a good show since the matches mean something, you can fit all the matches in since WWE has plenty of time to spare, give us loads of fresh matchups, and could you imagine picking out 12 people from this roster to have a round robin tournament? :yay:
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  11. Hoss belt should be the heavyweight belt then? Since a hoss is a heavyweight.

    As for a round robin tournament: Why not just make king of the ring round robin?
  12. That would be glorious.
  13. Featuring this thread btw, good stuff.
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  14. Hmm, it sounds awkward here, but if they changed the belt names to "US Heavyweight Champion" and "WWE World Championship" we'll have someone make an angry thread but forget about it in 2 weeks or less.

    Also was just thinking, if you're going to elevate Kevin Owens to main-event status after he drops the "strepping-stone" belt, he has an easy out with the ladder match right now. Then he's got an automatic rematch that hurts his momentum quite a bit before challenging for the world title, no?
  15. Who says Owens has to have his rematch? The "rulebook" of wrestling only says that a former champion has a right to one, not that he has to have it. If they want to put Owens in the main event, just have him forget about the IC title and move on to bigger things.
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  16. That could fit his prizefighter persona also, the WWEWHC match offering a higher purse than the IC title.
  17. As long as WWE has a set of writers coming up with reasons for X to fight Y should not be hard. Heels are supposed to be hypocrites as well so there's no problem with heels who hold belts hyping them up, only to throw them to the side once they see something shinier.

    Look at Lethal in ROH. Before he was world champ he was TV champ, and he went on and on and on about how it was the bigger belt. Then he won both and went on a "ultimate champion" run. Then he lost the TV belt and suddenly it was garbage, and his world title was the big belt. Perfect behavior for a heel
  18. Could you imagine if Zayn wins the belt here? Owens can look at Generico and say "nah, you have fun. I want a shot at the World Title and the bigger purse that comes with that!"

  19. I really like the story of Zayn constantly having to chase Owens also. First Zayn gets to NXT then Owens' leapfrogs him, Zayn gets to Raw then Owens' leapfrogs him, Zayn gets the IC title and thinks they can finally settle their differences then Owen's leapfrogs him again to the World Title Scene. Where you take it from there I have no idea but still.
  20. Somebody email this to Vince.
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