How I'd book the Ziggler Swagger split

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 30, 2012.

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  1. We all saw Dolph walking out on Swagger and Vicki last Monday. Seems a split is on the way. Here's how I'd book it to benefit both guys careers.

    I'd have the tension between Dolph, Vickie and Swag grow over the weeks leading up to No Way Out. Have Vicki and Dolph try to get Dolph in a match with Orton at NWO but Ace or one of his cronies tell them that Dolph and Jacks track record ain't the best. Also have Vicki focus on Dolph, even have her tell him that he is her main focus. Have Swagger soldier on with singles matches, sometimes with Dolph and Vicki with him to the ring, sometimes alone. Have him win some and lose some. Build him some cred. Have Dolph win some as well against jobbers only he has vicki with him all the time. Have Vicki then cost Dolph a win and Dolph storms off screaming.

    Next RAW we see Dolph screaming at Vicki, being aggressive. Looks like He'll almost strike her when Swagger comes for the save. Telling him to back off. Dolph says he is done with them and challenges Jack to a match. He wins dirty. Injuring Swagger taking him off TV. Dolph keeps up a winning streak on RAW, making him a more credible heel with his actions and keeps verbally bullying Vicki. In turn turning Vicki almost face via proxy. He gets a match at NWO (some kind of battle royale in a cage or something).

    Next Raw (The RAW before 4th of July) he continues his bullying Vicki thing and challenges her and a wrestler she can manage to a match at MITB. Vicki has until later in the show to find a wrestler. Vicki cannot find one though since she has such a bad rep. Later in the show Ziggler asks Vicki to come out with her wrestler. She admits she has none and Dolph continues mocking her. Saying how dumping her was the best thing he did considering how much better things have turned out for him. He walks out and starts heckling the crowd and signing autographs like a prima donna celebrity when Swagger strikes from the crowd. Back from injury. Establishing the all american as a face. Swagger says he'll fight for Vicki at MITB to get back at Dolph. The match can be given some stipulation or special feel to it to make it more important. The feud goes from there. Swagger built as a new face and Dolph as a heel.
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  2. How I'd book the Ziggler Swagger spli

    I like it, but the thing is, verbally shouting at Vickie will turn him face regardless. She's stupidly over as a heel. I'd not turn the split into a story-line personally as it's too risky for Dolph's heel character. Just have him leave like he has, cut a few promos on how he's tired of being held back, and then put him into a feud with an over face like Orton.
  3. It depends entirely on what dolph screams and how he argues with Vicki. If he just says it's your fault it will turn him face. What he has to do is insult her and don't hold back on any punches. Start counting up all her failed clients. How all men she's been with have played her. Heck bring up Eddie. If he starts going there and really being a douche he will get heat instead since most people have the decency to know you do not insult a woman in that kind of way. Vicki should also be built to look more frail and afraid then she has.
  4. That will result in more cheers if he insults her lol. It's what the crowd want to see, Vickie humiliated.
  5. I think we could have that part of Vickie trying to get Dolph a match against Orton and Swagger being left out, sometimes with them and sometimes alone, I like that part. But then, she wouldn't be able to get him his match, the only match available would be a tag team match, say, Ziggler & Swagger vs Kofi & Truth vs Usos vs O'Neil & Young, for example. A different match. Dolph is pissed but he'll compete. In the match, Swagger gets pinned, but it is Ziggler's fault (he's arguing with the ref and Swagger gets hit with a double team, I don't know). They argue and Ziggler attacks Swagger. Or, Ziggler gets pinned and blames Jack for no reason and also attacks him. Turning Jack at NWO does seem a little bit rushed, but I don't know.
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