Royal Rumble How I'd have booked the end of the Rumble

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. First off, I would only have announced a handful of entrants and have had all of them made their entrance. The crowd is at a fever pitch begging for DB after Big E enters at number 29. The clock winds down 3...2...1....BRRRRRRR "Flight of the Valkyries" blares through the speakers as DB limps towards the ring after his beating. The match winds down as reigns eliminates Sheamus leaving Himself, DB, and Batista in the ring? DB goes for a running knee on Reigns but eats a spear. Batista then Eliminates Reigns the same lame way as he did irl cause it doesn't matter. Batista lifts DB up and looks at him sympathetically. He asks the crowd to give DB an ovation, which they do. Batista reaches out his hand for a handshake, DB obliges only to get his balls kicked into his throat. Batista then does his best heel smirk, then the thumbs up/down pose, followed by Batista bombing DB out of the ring for the win.

    -Batista wins appeasing Vince
    -Batista turns heel which is what's best for business
    -DB is the most sympathetic face ever
    -people leave the arena pissed off for the RIGHT reasons

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  2. Yea, DB didn't have to win but not having him come out was just pathetic decision making. It turned the crowd 100% against the match and if it weren't for Reigns being so boner worthy they would have completely gone ape shit while watching ADR/Sheamus/Batista.
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  3. That's simply... *sigh* perfect.
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  4. Sounds perfect to me.
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  5. Fuck it, on second thought Nash wins. Nash vs Hogan at WM XXX.

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  6. Finger Poke of Doom II brother! :hogan:
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  7. I want you to imagine Punk vs. Triple H having a super epic fucking build and at 'Mania. FINGER POKE OF DOOM by TRIPLE H! 1,2,3! Punk loses in 10 seconds!
  8. Too many heels, Brock,Orton and Tista in the immediate title picture? Fuck that.
  9. Orton needs to fuck off already all of his title matches are being buried by the fans, he has to be de-pushed at this point. A low profile Mania match with Sheamus would serve his ass right.
  10. You could turn Brock face in under 5 seconds. After Batista turns heel have Brock come out and lay into him, cheers forever!
  11. Throw in an F5 to Heyman and you've got yourself a deal. I agree though, people want to love Brock. He wouldn't change anything he does, just go after Batista the fag everyone hates.
  12. I was gonna edit my post to throw in beating on Heyman as well. Brock doesn't even have to cut promos, just show up and whoop ass.
  13. Everyone is ready for Brock to go face and let Batista go heel #bestforbusiness
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