Summerslam How I'd have Orton cash in and make a new stable at Summerslam.

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  1. Summerslam seems like it could be pretty good. So far no Sheamus, which I also like. Here's how I would book some of the Summerslam card which would lead to a new stable led by Vince Mcmahon.

    First off, Christian beats Alberto Del Rio. After the match, either in the ring or backstage Christian get's attacked during an interview by a masked man. Throughout the night, The Miz (since he's host) looks around to find to masked attacker. The Miz never finds anything.
    Daniel Bryan ends up making Cena tap out to the No! Lock. As Daniel Bryan is celebrating, the masked attacker comes back down and attacks Bryan and Cena allowing for Randy Orton to cash in. Orton cashes in and gets the 1-2-3. All of a sudden, Vince Mcmahon comes out and is celebrating with Orton and the masked attacker. Just before the show closes, Vince has the masked man reveal himself. The masked man reveals himself to be The Miz as the show goes off the air.

    So that's how I'd book that. This way. Orton is WWE Champion, The Miz gets direction and goes back to being a heel and Christian gets another run with the title before dropping it to Miz at Night of Champions to give the new power stable more power. Other people would obviously be added to the group, possibly Ryback, The Real Americans or even The shield since they already have a lot of gold.

    Anyway, what does everyone else think of this idea? :emoji_slight_smile:
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  2. I like your idea but heres what i think they might do i think daniel bryan will be on the cusp of winning then the ref gets knocked down somehow then the vince and the masked guy come out attack bryan then get cena to pin him and pick the ref up and make him count then orton comes down tries to cash but they interfere again and cena wins that one to then afterwards vince comes in holds cenas arms up and says him and cena planned it all along because cena was jealous of bryans fans reactions and blames him and the fans as he lost spotlight and vince said bryan would be a disgrace to the company as champion and then masked man takes mask off and shows who he is but i cant work out who the best person would be for that.
  3. Masked Man is Orton, then at NOC or TLC, Orton turns on Cena and cashes in.
  4. I like your way of making The Miz trying to find who the masked man is, but ends up being him.
  5. I'm not sure about Orton being part of another stable. His character doesn't fit the "stable mold". However, I like the idea of VKM being behind Orton cashing in after the match. After all, they made a big point of him wanting a champion that was not Cena or Bryan.

    It would, however, give the Miz something to do, although I'm not sure they're willing to turn him heel again.

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  6. Masked man being Miz? Hmm, cool. Unfortunately don't think any of this is going to be happening.
  7. Anyone but the Miz.
  8. I'd prefer just Corporate Orton vs anti-establishment DB for the belt afterwards, no stable needed. Although heel Miz is an improvement.
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  9. 1.) I'm sick of stables
    2.) This storyline seems like something you would get in a WWE video games story mode.
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  10. Vince being behind Orton cashing in looks extremely likely imo.

  11. I picture it being like when Vince was trying to get ADR to cash in at SS 2011 before Punk left with the title. It will likely be as simple as a quick cut backstage, Orton clutching the briefcase, and Vince saying 'go dammit, cash it in!" or something similar.
  12. I think i have changed my view on this now i think orton and HHH might reform evolution as there has been rumours of a flair comeback aswell especially with HHH as referee it all seems ready to happen to me.
  13. Bryan will make Cena tap out, but then Orton comes out of nowhere and announces his cash-in, before Vince comes out with Brad Maddox and the two help Triple H to take out Bryan before the Shield come out. The Shield take out Vince, Maddox and Triple H but Orton is able to punt-kick Bryan and pin him to win the WWE championship. Just my weird theory..
  14. That might actually happen with what they said on raw about old superstars.
  15. I'm not sure I'd care for a Corporation 2.0 style of group. We have enough stables as it is.

    I like The Miz searching for a masked attacker who actually turns out to be himself and I can easily picture The Miz as a corporate McMahon stooge. Ryback as a heel could also play the enforcer role well in a group, or just become Vince's own personal bodyguard or enforcer who protects him and takes out anyone he doesn't like at will. But The Shield merging with another group makes no sense and it goes against their own gimmick. They're already over half way there to the breaking up point anyway, and I'd be surprised if they aren't already disbanded by the end of the year or at least in the late stages of it. The Real Americans being part of a stable only makes sense if it's a stable that completely represents a group where everyone shares their exact values, like The Unamericans from '02/03. Being part of a group that doesn't spout their extreme Pro-American ideals seems odd.

    I also see Orton cashing in to win the title, possibly with McMahons blessing, ever since Vince said two weeks ago he would love it if neither Cena nor Bryan walked out as champ. But they're making it seem so obvious that he's cashing in that it's almost a given to me that he's not, at least not successfully. Oh, and I don't care for Orton to be involved in a stable again, much less at the helm as it's leader.
  16. Could see DB winning the belt, HHH Pedigreeing him and then Orton coming out to win the belt.
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