How important is success to your support

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. of any sports team.?

    This stemmed from a discussion me and a friend were having recently about the falling attendances of our football team, especially in comparison to the promotion game the previous season ( 38k at the promotion game vs around 19k at the past few games) Obviously not everyone can afford to go to every game I know I can't as an example but I go whenever I can no matter what the team is playing like ( had a season ticket for 4 seasons before last but couldn't afford it anymore so I've seen some serious dross in that time plus attending a lot of matches before that with family members and what not). I can't say success swayed my initial or continued support for my team as the last cup we won was 3 years before I was born, unless you class the playoff final to gain promotion to the second division a few years back.

    So how about you? Did you follow success to support your current team in any sport or was there another reason to do so and if such what?
  2. I've been a supporter of Salford City Reds for around 12 years now, and I think anyone who knows anything about Rugby League can safely agree with me by saying we're fucking terrible sometimes.

    Half the time when I attend matches, I know we're going to lose. Call it instinct or what not. Or maybe it's just like a "Typical Salford" kind of thing. I blame it on the fact we're a small club and the big boys take our best players. Myler & Ratchford to name a couple. And because we're such a small club we can't keep hold of real talent because we never make the play offs.

    Although I know every single season we won't achieve anything, I still try to attend as many games as I can. And I always like to believe that something will go our way every season.

    Bottom line is. Despite how shit my team may perform throughout the season. I will always support them.
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  3. Success is extremely important, at least for Middlesbrough it is, I go to all the games but with us getting relegated I knew our attendances would drop massively, we got 35 k fans per week in the EPL but in the Championship we get about 15k, 70 % of fans are just fairweather fans, so obviously if in Wed's case now they are just games in a season versus the promotion game of course the promotion game is gonna get more attention, even fairweather fans would love to say "I was there" for a big game but when it is just a normal game against Millwall for example the fans don't really care that much, and even in the league those 15k fans 40% of them will be dads taking their kids to their first game or mates deciding to go to a random game just to meet up.
    Ok I made the statistics up but it's round about there.
    My point is what does attendance matter? If you get a full house then you know most will be fair weather, so I personally prefer not getting that many fans and knowing that all the fans there are die hard Boro supporters, obviously it's great when you get a big attendance but imo it doesn't mean anything.
  4. 0

    my teams are my teams. The Raiders have made the playoffs 3 times since I've been alive. The Warriors twice. The A's are good now but they have their down years as well
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  5. I root for teams/players no matter what, I don't run away when they fail. The same is with wrestling. For example, I'm a huge ROB TERRY mark, despite the fact he flat out sucks. But, I love that big doofus.
  6. I have a season ticket for Hibs, nuff said.
  7. It's really not enough said. Idk wtf a hibs is
  8. Hibernian football club, we're shit basically, and yet I still travel to Edinburgh and back to watch them every week.

    Oh yeah, last game of last season we got beat by our rivals in a cup final, 5-1, we still haven't won it in 110 years -_-
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  9. If they are in a cup final how bad can they be? My team's are legit TURRIBLE
  10. We finished second bottom and rode out luck to the final to be honest. ANd I don't know if making the playoffs is hard or what :upset:
  11. 0. I'm a mets fan and still pour money into the machine and order the season package. Between prospects and the enjoyment of watching young talent I can remain interested. For football i'm a giants fan and for the past 5 years it doesn't get much better than that. I'm a knicks fan and they aren't always the best but still enjoy watching them.
  12. 16/30 teams make the playoffs in the NBA, and yet my favorite team has one playoff appearance since I've been a fan (since I was 5)

    Every team in the NFL has made the playoffs since 2002 besides the Raiders (my team) the Bills and Browns.

    The A's have the 9th most world series wins in history, but none since I've been a fan
  13. You win :lol1:
  14. I'd say I lose :downer:
  15. It's more "hope" than "success". Just because the Ravens are 5-1 doesn't make me support them any more than Dolph's and Britanica support their NFL teams. They have their reasons to believe as well.

    If anything, this relatively pointless Baltimore-Houston matchup sounds fairly unexciting compared with Oakland pushing to win a weak division, or Cleveland beating Indy and being one win away from "Holy shit, we could actually push for a playoff spot!" talk. I envy you guys, seriously. Maybe 'Albin will see Hibs get a few stud transfers and have a contender, it'll be sweeter after sitting through this.

    If there's a reason to believe, there's a reason to be a fan.
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