How is Rhod a bigger AJ fan than me???

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by deathclaw4721, Oct 1, 2013.

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  1. NanoRah14 tried telling me this in a pm. I don't exactly understand this. Is this just some kind of trolling attempt??? Because if Rhod is anywhere near my level of being an AJ fan, he would do all these things:

    • Have pictures of AJ on every wall and covering every part of the wall in his room.
    • Only buy WWE games to play as AJ and replace the cover of the game with a custom one of AJ.
    • Only watch wrestling for AJ. (I only watch her parts and then I turn it off)
    • Only order PPV'S to watch AJ's match and then shut it off.
    Seriously. I do all of these things, and I've never heard of Rhod being that much of a fan. (No offense to you, Rhod, we're friends :emoji_slight_smile:

    I just think this is ridiculous. I'm only making this thread to try to understand why this was said. Thanks, everyone.....
  2. As I said, there's no need to be a fanboy/girl to be the biggest AJ fan. I aint trolling. I know Rhod loves AJ and it's his favorite female wrestler in WWE atm. I told this to you because you said I was trolling in your AJ mark thread and I wanted to explain you the reasons of my post.

    You're defending the opinion the being a fanboy/girl means you're the biggest mark when that's completely wrong. Lets show what I'm trying to say with an easy example: Every Directioner say they are the biggest 1D mark, but they're all the same so there's no real biggest fan there. You can be a fanboy/girl and you can also be someone who loves AJ or whoever it is and you don't do those things you've just said in order to say "I'm the biggest fan" but you admire him/her but also think that what they're doing is wrong. To be a fanboy/girl doesn't mean you're the biggest fan, that means you show to the world who you are a fan of.
  3. What a waste of $60 buying a PPV for a 5-10 minute match.
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  4. So what you're saying is that everyone is at the same level of being a fan??? There's no one that's more or less of a fan of something??? What are you smoking???

    And this quote from you, "...favorite female wrestler in WWE atm." completely ends this argument. You lose. This is why:

    AJ WAS ALWAYS my favorite wrestler. She was my first favorite wrestler, and that never changed. That makes me higher than this "At the moment" crap.

    And "Favorite female wrestler"? Nope. AJ is my favorite wrestler IN GENERAL. I don't even have a favorite male wrestler, so case closed. I am a bigger AJ fan than Rhod, and I'm also the biggest AJ fan on here.
  5. Excellent question. Answer: AJ's match is worth that price to me. It is also the only match I am interested in, and the other matches I wouldn't pay anything to watch.
  6. I would rather buy 4 PWG DVDs for that price.
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  7. And I'd rather watch my favorite wrestlers match live.
  8. I can't wait till AJ gets her own DVD. That's going to be the best! ^_^
  9. how much money do you have that you can waste on a PPV for one match, I watch them all for free. Why not watch a stream?
  10. Not gonna happen, Seriously, As much of a fan of hers I am she won't get one. The last women's WWE DVD was over 10 years ago with Lita and I don't even think there was a wrestling match on it but AJ was in that DVD at a autograph signing.
  11. How BLFFL is more hated than this girl is beyond me.
  12. Because Deathclaw is actually really nice when you get past the mark-ness (not saying BLFFL isn't as I have never talkin to her outside of wrestling )and she has logic as in she doesn't say AJ is the best she says AJ is her favourite, She watches wrestling her way but my opinion is she is wasting money but she is getting her moneys worth in her opinion so I guess thats all that matters.
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  13. Yeah, it's scientifically proven that Rhod is a bigger AJ fan than you.
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  14. No. I know it's going to happen. Because Jeff Hardy got his own DVD from WWE and he was a drug addict. ^_^
  15. Well, you're mean. >,_<
  16. Honestly you have a point there o.0
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  17. Exactly. It's worth it to me. AJ's matches are the only ones that interest me, and that price is worth it for me. :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Sarcasm, I hope.
  19. Exactly.
  20. I guess thats your choice.