How jealous do you think Matt Hardy is of his brother?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Senhor Perfect, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. It seems to me that Matt has more love for wrestling than Jeff does. We all know Jeff is the more talented one. It must burn Matt's ass that Jeff has been the WWE champ and is the current TNA champ. Meanwhile he got to be in TNA for what, two months? Now he's in ROH trying to salvage his career while Jeff works 1 or 2 times a week making a killing. Poor bastard :pity:
  2. To be honest, I actually find Matt Hardy a better wrestler. Jeff is just the spot-monkey and maybe the guy who is more entertaining.
    Would Matt be jealous? A bit.
  3. Matt is the better wrestler of the two. He is more technically sound whilst Jeff is like Punk pointed out. A spot monkey, which is noticeable in Jeff's matches now since he cannot do all the things he used to do because he didn't focus on keeping his skills fresh and body in shape for it. Matt got fat yes, but Jeff got a broken body.
  4. I meant more talented overall. The combo of mic skills, wrestling skills, and charisma.
  5. Preferred Matt as a kid, preferred Jeff when I grew up. I lost respect for both of them to be honest, but I still prefer Jeff.
  6. Mic Skills = They kinda both suck but I'll say Matt
    Wrestling = Matt
    Charisma = Jeff

    But Jeff's charisma over comes the other two.:dawg:
  7. My main point was that Matt has more love and respect for the business. Jeff just shows up does his spots, gets pushed, and goes home. I know if I were Matt, it would drive me insane. Brother or not.
  8. Well tbh, Matt was the hottest things in 2005.
    He might be a bit Jealous, but he did beat his brother at Wrestlemania 25.
  9. Always prefered Jeff. 100%.

    But I have to say, Matt was a good worker and a decent wrestler. Enjoyed him as well back in the day.
  10. What Punk said. Matt showed in 2005 that he can also be charismatic. It just seems to come more naturally for Jeff to connect with a crowd. I think that if Matt spent more time as a heel he could have gotten more success. Whilst Jeff seems a natural face Matt could probably have done good as a heel in his singles career.

    Also major kudos to Matt for turning his life around and actually managing to rescue his career. I respect Matt for that. I preferred Matt most of the time. Jeff Hardy was never my cup of tea
  11. Only because he had real life emotions to feed off of. His MH 1.0 or whatever it was, got him marginally over, but nowhere near where Jeff was.
  12. Jeff was Jeff in WWE and Jeff is Jeff in TNA. Not a character.
  13. In short, yes I would be jealous if I was Matt.
  14. This.:woo1:
  15. Despite previous success and a win over his brother, with the current scenarios and the seemingly ongoing bit of Jeff seeming to have better success and being more over with the crowd, I could see Matt being jealous. I'm sure I would be if I were in his shoes.
  16. You are matt. Jeff is :xanth: :vince:
  17. Loved them both as a team. Lost interest as singles but I probs prefer Matt overall just seemed a more all round package to me.

    But jealous I dunno maybe he is. I'd like to think he was proud considering they both did well coming from backyard wrestling basically.
  18. Always preferred Jeff.
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