How Lesnar vs. Cesaro could've started

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  1. Brock Lesnar facing off against Cesaro is pretty much a dream match in the realm of the WWE, at least for me it is. Unfortunately it just doesn't seem probable anymore. I was thinking about how it could've started, and I thought of something solid.

    It all starts at 'Mania, and it has Cesaro winning the Andre battle royal as it happened. However, instead of Brock ending Undertaker's streak he would fall victim to it(That way an up and comer could've ended it. Wyatt comes to mind). The next night Heyman would tell the world that he's tired of having the people he manages come up short, and he wants to be with a winner. Cue Cesaro. A frustrated Lesnar confronts the two and they brawl. The match gets made at the PPV to determine who the superior Heyman guy really is.

    Now I know it would come with a couple of negatives, like leaving Lesnar deprived of a mouthpiece for one. But they could continue to do the pre-taped interviews for his talking segments because he seems alright during them, and leave him to just do confrontations. It's flawed, but I think it would've provided a good story.

    Say it were to happen, how would you book the build up?
  2. I would've basically booked Heyman to remain with Cesaro after the Andre battle royal, keeping him as a face-with-heel-tendancies-at-times until the Royal Rumble, when he wins the match. The next night, Lesnar tells him to just quit and they'll be fine, but Cesaro declines the offer. Elimination Chamber sees Lesnar vs Cena vs Orton vs Bryan vs Reigns where Lesnar retains and Cesaro hits him with a Neutralizer and then we could go from there, Heyman wants to see who the "Ultimate Heyman Guy" is and wants to see who is worthy (but then tells Lesnar that he thinks he'll win backstage). This causes Cesaro to U-turn and re-unite with Zeb Colter where he then goes for Lesnar at WM31.
  3. This could still happen with the power of Jwab. I know that everyone wants Cesaro to win the US Title and everyone here wants Lesnar to win clean but imagine this. Cesaro loses to Sheamus. Cena vs. Lesnar is happening.

    In the match with Cena vs. Lesnar, the ref gets knocked out in some stupid way. Cena somehow gets the upperhand. Cesaro comes in and attacks Cena. Hits him with the neutralizer and what not. Lesnar and Cesaro have a stare down.... dreams. Dreams. We get a lengthy Cesaro vs. Cena feud and a possible Cesaro vs. Lesnar match down the road.
  4. I probably would have never paired him up with Paul Heyman in the first place. I would have kept him babyface after Wrestlemania XXX and further capitalized on his momentum by booking him in relevant feuds where he always (or almost always) went over in the end. Then by the time the end of the year arrived, maybe he'd be believable enough to challenge Brock Lesnar at a PPV for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (especially seeing as how Brock really needs some good, credible opponents right now if hes gonna keep the strap until WM31.)

    At the very most, I might have had Heyman approach him at some point and offer his managerial services to him since he would have seen that Cesaro was no longer associated with Coulter, but I would have had Cesaro reject Heyman's offer and probably upset Heyman in the process, panting the seeds for something to go down between them involving Lesnar later on in the year.
  5. Well, you know, I wouldn't have put Cesaro with Heyman either. He should've done the traditional break up angle with Jack, destroyed him, and get some steam as a badass face midcarder. Then, well, if Brock was to win the belt he could've challenged him at some random PPV (not really necessary to pitch an idea there honestly, writes itself) or if Brock wasn't to be champ you could've had Cesaro have a run in with Heyman, or perhaps Cesaro just beats, say, a Randy Orton and then talks about how there's no one who's tougher and out comes Brock, something like that.
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