How long before Kevin Steen really is called up?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. RoH has had some awesome talents come from their rosters in the past with the likes of Punk, Bryan, Aries and more being successful in the big leagues. Steen is undoubtedly in that bracket of talent, so when will he take the step? If I recall correctly he's 28 or 29 years old (cba to Google) so he still has plenty of time.

    To be honest I'm really surprised TNA hasn't already come and swooped him.
  2. If he was called up and made the leader of A8's it would probably work pretty well.

    Anyway, to answer the question, I have no clue. I doubt he'd end up in WWE because of his look.
  3. He could do very well in TNA. I will say probably within 2 years. [​IMG]
  4. Who knows? I doubt WWE and TNA aren't interested in him. Maybe the deal is in him.

    I'd love to see him in feuds with AJ, Kurt, Kash and Joe.
  5. Rock is a massive fan of his so maybe he's WWE bound, but I don't see them being attracted to his look either to be honest.
  6. Wasn't he offered a dark match for the E around 09/10 time but refused as he had already booked another show and refused to cancel? Can't find a source so it could well be my memory playing tricks although I'm sure they've looked at him either way (channeling metzelder there by making some random accusation seem factual) but the way he works wouldn't turn out to well in the PG environment, TNA would be my preferred choice of the two as they're more likely to go full pelt with him.
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  7. ''WWE because of his look'' ?


    Imo, he fits way better in the TNA picture because of his ''look''.
  8. I've asked a thousand times why Steen isn't tearing it up in TNA as we speak. It's inexcusable on TNA's behalf, unless Steen just isn't interested in working his way up the ladder, which wouldn't really make sense IMO.
  9. Devon vs. Steen needs to happen.
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