Rumor How long before Steph turns on Mick?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Just Kevin, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. So how long will it be before it's revealed that Steph had knowledge of HHH's interference on RAW a couple weeks back and her and Mick have a feud.. a match between, possibly Seth and KO (rematch), with full control of RAW on the line?

    We all know it's coming. I'm guessing it'll be the night after KO retains his title at CoC so they have sufficient time to build up to the rematch. Seth as a face with Foley backing him would be very cool.

    Just hoping this doesn't eventually lead to the return of The Authority...

    Any thoughts guys?
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    I completely agree with ya. They'll probably reveal the Steph/HHH "conspiracy" on post-CoC episode of RAW.

    Also, fuck The Authority. I love Triple H, man, but I'm sick of The Authority.

    I swear, that shit's become like Bullet Club, it's been going on for so freaking long and it just won't go away.

    If The Authority does indeed return (PLEASE DON'T!), then they'd better stop using the phrase #NewEra 'cause it'd be the same old crap all over again.
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  3. Post-Clash of Champions where the game(ugh) will make his triumphant return and reestablish the Authority( that isn't really the authority because he has no power on RAW (Kayfabe wise)). Mick will then side with Rollins and Reigns to take on the Authority 2.0...or something like that.
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  4. Or…double turn!

    Mick will reveal that his guy all along has been the evil Roman Reigns while Triple H was backing the truly-good-just-misunderstood baby face Kevin Owens.

    But, Mick is a Heyman-esque evil genius who is trying to wrestle control of Raw away from the actually-saintly-just-misunderstood Stephanie.


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  5. I can't see mick being on rollins side just yet. He got livid when seth interfered last week in the main event. Eh whatever happens I'm sure it'll be good.

    Oh and the whole Authority can't just go away lol. The Authority in real life doesn't just go away because everyone hates them. They kill more people instead.
  6. The Authority needs to stay away!......Please God Please I beg of you The new era will never be real with the Authority lurking around and screwing up everything. Like Balor said I like Triple H but Not in the Authority role a couple surprise returns or interfering here and there Ok but Full out authority return that would destroy Raw and I would be a Smackdown Live guy. Please God I almost died having to endure Big Johhny and that dam People power

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  7. Oh but to answer the question I think you got it right after Clash of Champions......
  8. I'd seriously love this with all my heart.

    Except the Stephanie part, because of course
  9. I could see around November for Survivor Series so that way they could do a Team Foley vs Team Authority Angle.
  10. That would be cool too, who do you think will be on each team?
  11. It would be sweet if they somehow got Dean Ambrose to either be traded to Raw or if he had a surprise guest spot so they could have the Shield on Team Foley.

    But realistically (if we don't include Kevin Owens vs Rollins as the Universal title Main event) it would probably be like Reigns, Zayn, Cesaro, Ezno, & Cass vs Y2J, Rusev, Sheamus, Braun Strowman, and maybe Triple H? If not HHH then take him out with someone else and put The Club in there
  12. Eh that would work, but you think they'll have another rollins vs owens UT match in another 2 mon the? Assuming they have a rematch next month, that's 3 in a row. Unless they don't have rollins/ko next month. Meh whatever I'll just enjoy whatever happens I guess. I'd like to see rollins vs owens in person at SS in toronto
  13. Somewhere in Royal Rumble, or the months before Wrestlemania.
  14. WWE has been putting on way too many rematches lately cuz the rosters are so thin.
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