How long do you leave it until you debut heel controlling HHH?

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  1. It's inevitable that he'll play the Vince McMahon type role in years to come, where he is in control of the company and is a main heel. But how long do you leave it from his retirement from in-ring competition? I'm quite interested in your responses. I assume all of you want to see this at some point right? Also, should he still compete in the ring at points as a heel chairman?

    What would you do?
  2. He's obviously not completely done with his in ring career. What made Vince/Austin special was that you knew Austin could drop Vince at the drop of a hat. HHH has to be out of the game for a while to get that dynamic back IMO. Unless he is going to resolve all of his beefs by fighting the guy he's screwing with. If that's the case then he can start right away.
  3. im on the fence a bit if they do it they need to make it differant to austin/mcmahon somehow to make it great and feel special would like ambrose be the one that faces him
  4. I wish authority figures would disappear altogether, at least as constant on-screen characters. I liked it better when authority figures like Jack Tunney would only appear on-screen every once and a while to rule on important matters. A lot of people would say we need authority figures in order to grant someone a match or title shot but we don't really in most cases. It's annoying when a Raw (or Smackdown) show comes on and then the main event only gets made for later in the night because of a spontaneous confrontation between people in the ring or something. You're telling me that in the kayfabe world of WWE, they honestly don't have a main event already planned for that night? I know there's a lot of illogical things in the world of wrestling (excuse me, "sportz entertainment"), but still.

    Anyway, yeah, if Triple H does end up playing the role of the owner, then I think he should wait awhile after his last match in order to further his authority character away from his wrestling character. During his COO run, it was still somewhat difficult for me to see him as a corporate figure because he still wrestles from time to time (although that did play well into the Taker/HHH build for WM last year.) I think it would be great if he said Wrestlemania this year against Lesnar was his final match and that he wants to go out proving he can take down Brock. Didn't he give a 'retirement speech' last year after losing anyway?
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  5. Why does he have to retire from inring career? Vince mcmahon faced hogan at his 60s.
  6. Yeah, if they want him to be like Vince, as in 0 in-ring credibility, they'll have to wait a while. But who knows, he did play the COO in 2011 while beating Punk clean, although that was a different character.
  7. The difference between McMahon and HHH is that HHH is not put as this weak business guy. For him to be like McMahon he would have to act cowardly, but these past few years he's been the opposite of that.