How long have you been following SmackDown for?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by tehGamer, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. How long have you been following SmackDown for?
  2. Almost every week. If yearly, I'd say about 4 years after getting into WWE again.
  3. A year and a half maybe two years. As long as I've been into wrestling.
  4. ^ Just like Stopspot, ever sense I started watching again.
  5. The last time I watched it regularly was 2003. I've seen literally like 3-4 entire SD episodes since then.
  6. I've been watching SD for more than 4 yrs. now.But at the beginning of 2008 it was truly historic and every night would be a WM night with matches like Taker vs hhh in the main event of SD. Simply WOW!!
  7. In my few years as a wrestling fan, I've caught way more Smackdowns than Raws, partially because I didn't want to waste money on cable. Usually, that was a good thing, it saved me from the 2009 Guest Host era of Raw and the Cena/Orton feud. Loved Smackdown in 08-09 and remember how much the draft broke my heart in 2010 when they completely raped SD of star power... loved it last year too, and as Stopspot says there's a better chance of Smackdown being good than Raw nowadays.
  8. Somebody please inform me right that when is wwe draft 2012.............puhleasse anybody
  9. I don't think there is one this year since the super show allows people to be on both shows.
  10. BORING...............WITHOUT A DRAFT ...............BUT THANX ANYWAY @SEABS
  11. Since I started watching wrestling.
  12. I won't lie I've stopped watching SD recently!
  13. watched as a kid for about 4 years then stopped and started again couple years ago
  14. Since Debut. Well.....I watched when it was on UPN regularly, then when it left UPN I didn't get to for awhile(Can't remember how long) then I discovered a channel showed smackdown at midnight on saturdays. (I'm sure no one else has heard of that, but yeah its true, it was a local channel) and during that time I probably watched it a few times, then the local channel stopped, and I didn't watch it again until it debuted on syfy, and I still don't watch it regularly. I probably watch an episode every month or two. I do however, Youtube videos of all the smackdowns I missed all those years....every now and then.
  15. Lol +1
  16. I still watch it a lot for hope of entertaining matches from my favorite superstars. It's much more enjoying when watching it with somebody.
  17. From 2002-2008. After that I only started to read spoilers so I guess that might count as following up.
  18. so you don't watch smackdown now? :shock:
  19. Nope. I read spoilers and based on that I watch the segments that seems good. I do however watch Live Smackdown since we make a discussion thread for it.
  20. Same as me pretty much.
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