How long will AJ be champion?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Extraterrestrial, Oct 9, 2013.

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  1. How long do you think she'll hold the belt? Also, who do you think will beat her for it when the time cums?

    Discuss and whatnot.
  2. In 2 years. The scene is set at WWE Divamania, a new event created by the recent new CEO of WWE, Stephanie McMahon. It's AJ Lee vs Eva Marie. Both competitors use all their ability when...lights go out. Everyone is confused. IT'S HULK HOGAN. People start screaming. Michael Cole keeps saying "whoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoa" like a broken record. King has near heart attack. Backstage the shield triple powerbomb themselves through a table. Cena turns heel then back again. Fans are still marking out. Some ladies water just broke. Dogs and cats living together. RVD comes out backed as shit. Eva Marie wins.

  3. 4/10. Nice effort though.
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  4. I think she'll hold the belt until the Royal Rumble at least. Who will defeat her? Probably someone more talented like Tamina. Tamina's definitely a red herring there as her heater. She'll go all Big Sexy on her and powerbomb AJ or something eventually.

    If I'm lucky though they'll hug it out. Then Tamina will yank down those jean shorts and spank AJ's ass red. Spank her good. Then they'll 69 or something. At least I won't be able to see Tamina's face while they're 69'ing. She doesn't have the most feminine face. I wouldn't say that to her though, she'd probably tear my cock off.
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  5. You're telling me that wouldn't pull in ratings.
  6. Until she decides to hang up her Chuck Taylor's.

  7. I don't know, but this is the greatest gif.

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  8. I know isn't it just beautiful.
  9. Here's how it plays out. RVD goes back to TNA. Gets sick of it. Goes back to WWE to stop AJ's tyranny. Gets Spalding to sponsor his ass. #RVDsAss. Wins the Royal Crumble. Challenges AJ at HustleMania in the Main Event. That, my friends, is when her title reign will end.
  10. A few months.
  11. 'sup Meltz
  12. Hopefully soon, I'd like to see Natayla get a run. She'll probably have it for awhile unfortunately. I'm not a AJ hater, just think Natty deserves it more.
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  13. It'd be Meltzer if I had said maybe a few months, maybe not.
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  14. don't sass me
  15. Fine then I'll give a serious answer. Survivor Series or Rumble.
  16. You've just been sassed, bitch :jesse:
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  17. I can't stop laughing at Goldust's face. It was such a great match, but man that gif slays me .
  18. I would like to see Natalya win the title. I want to class up the Diva's Butterfly Jeff Hardy Title Division though. Class Class Class, I am all class. I want to have Natalya win it in a Spank That Ass Red Match which will be officiated by Vincent K. McMahon. They have to smack each other's bare asses until Vince deems that the loser's ass is appropriately red. The winner gets a bonus cash prize if the proceedings give Vince a boner.
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  19. Considering her current injury, I think it depends on how long it takes her to recover and what they'll be doing with the Total Divas angle. I wouldn't be surprised if they did to he what they did to Dolph if she doesn't recover well from the injury. With that being said, I've enjoyed her title reign so far and I hope it continues for a while. When it does end, I hope it goes to a member of the Divas division that is a good wrestler and will be given the same attention and development that AJ has been allotted for over a year.
  20. :obama:
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