How long will Bo Dallas last in the Royal Rumble?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. So Bo Dallas just won a spot in the Royal Rumble at Royal Rumble Axxes. Becoming the first NXT wrestler to do so.


    So here's the topic. How long will Dallas last in the rumble? At what number will he enter? And will he eliminate someone and if yes, how many? Discuss.
  2. 30 seconds without the entrance included.
  3. WWE choose the worst NXT wrestler to win, fuck sake. Hopefully Hornswoggle eliminates him.
  4. Uh... he'll enter at 18, eliminate one guy and last a total of three minutes and 21 seconds.
  5. I say he enters number one or two and quickly gets eliminated by Ziggler.

    ~Three Said That~
  6. Number 15-20 and gets toss by ryback
  7. ^^
    I love you Crayo.

    Typical Pessimism: He'll run in there around 13th, JBL will make fun of this scrub rookie, he'll instantly bury a talent actually worth something (Holy shit, this rookie just eliminated the Intercontinental Champion!), he'll throw out Mahal or some other jobber, Lawler puts him over as a future WWE Champion, he'll last about six more minutes before Ziggler puts an end to this farce...
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  8. He'll eliminate a main roster guy, over celebrate and get thrown out. 3-4 mins.
  9. The scary thing is Meltzer is reporting that he will be a main roster main stay from now on :sad:
  10. Meltzer or not, that sounds possible. And I don't like it. :sad:
  11. I hope he gets injured before he steps in the ring :haha:
  12. If his dad was Nash, a blown quad would be guaranteed. :otunga:
  13. His dad is IRS :sad:
  14. I know, but if it were Nash, there'd be the possibility of a quad explosion, thus no Rumble appearance, and he'd drift off into obscurity.
  15. Hope Nash enters the Rumble, Jackknifes all the vanilla midgets in there and beats the worst vanilla midget of all CM Punk at the Rumble for the belt. In 7 seconds.
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  16. I'm hoping for a number 14 entry, where he gallops out to the ring to be confronted by Ryback who botches his shell shocker terribly, somehow breaking every bone in bo's body leading to him retiring.
  17. I'll say this about Bo. He is tough. He came back to wrestling after having a kidney split in two due to injury. Breaking his bones might not keep him away :isee:
  18. Did I mention when being escorted out of the ring a piano falls from the top of the arena right onto his face destroying his smile that lasts for miles?

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    no but seriously i hope for the best, even if i find him insanely boring in every way possible. just damn, that smile
  19. wtf is a bo dallas
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  20. Husky Harris little brother. He won a NXT tournament at the rumble fanfest, earning a spot on the main roster and a spot in the rumble. He is the epitome of boring. So obviously Big Show speaks well for him.
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