How Long Will Bryan Keep The WWE Title And How Could His Reign Be Booked?

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  1. This is a hypothetical question in regards to Bryan winning the WWE Title at Summerslam.

    Assuming he wins (it should be a given but you never know), how long do you figure he'll keep it and who could he defend it against? Because I can't see him keeping it more than a few months. I figure this will be a test sort of push, to see how much Bryan can draw on top as champion. And if he does well, he'll get a longer reign as champion at a later date. Anyway, this is one way I'd book it:

    Summerslam: Bryan defeats Cena for the title. Some believe Henry could win it, but considering that would leave Cena without a sure spot for Summerslam, I seriously doubt it. Bryan goes over here.

    Night Of Champions: Bryan defends it against Mark Henry. Bryan's first opponent as champion should be against a bigger guy to set the tone for him being able to overcome even the biggest challenge. Maybe Henry disappears after his loss at MITB but then re-appears on Raw the night after SS, putting Cena into the Hall Of Pain, and finding a way to get another title shot. Bryan goes over, but Henry attacks and intends on crippling Bryan after the match.Cena makes his unexpected comeback and saves Bryan.

    Over The Limit: Cena and Mark Henry engage in a non-title feud that centers around Henry's intention to end Cena's career once and for all. They wrestle in a normal grudge match or a Street Fight (because their feud is now personal, see) while Bryan defends the title in a four way match, let's say.

    Hell In A Cell: Cena and Henry end their feud in a HIAC match. Bryan defeats a one on one opponent. I'm thinking there could be a deeper conflict that arises between Bryan and one of the participants in the four way that leads to a one on one match here, but I don't know who it could be. Maybe a bit of tension (no heel turn) between two friends, like Kane/Bryan. It'd be interesting to see them one on one at least once. With the title t be the thing between them, it's an interesting angle. Randy Orton is another option, and they could play up their rivalry from earlier this year (the one that just came to an end... and no heel turn here either.)

    Survivor Series: The big rematch with Cena, with Cena winning the title back. The story to this is that Bryan's win at Summerslam was the upset of a lifetime, and the question would be, can he pull it off twice? The answer is that, he comes close, but doesn't. In the end, we know Cena is getting the title back eventually, and he could still show respect and congratulate Bryan afterwards.

    TLC: Figured I'd mention this since it's already popped in my brain. In the TLC match, we could see a three way between Cena, Bryan and Kane for the title. By now, Team Hell No would have been broken up, but it's interesting to refer to their former partnership and put their friendship (they would still be portrayed as friends behind the scenes) to test in a triple threat TLC match with Cena.

    Basically, the logic works like this: It's smart to strike while the iron is hot with Bryan, so putting the title on him works in that regard. But we know Cena is getting the title back eventually and Bryan isn't gonna have a super long reign (which I agree with), so there's that. And with the way I've described it above, Bryan would be getting a huge upset/victory over Cena, three successful title defenses as WWE Champion, and another PPV main event against Cena... Two more if my TLC main event match happens as well. I think it all works out well this way.
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    WINS MITB and cashes at summerslam, drops at RR or EC. Rematch at Mania, which he loses.

    OR he wins MITB and this thing is dragged out for months.

    I think the latter will happen
  3. Bump.

    Surprised no one else has anything to say about this. People want Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion, yet have no idea/opinions/desires on who his opponents could be?
  4. No. Giving Cena the title back is the worst possible idea, This would just make Bryan's reign completely worthless and it being a fluke which would just piss people off.

    Making Bryan lose to Cena will just kill the push and all this fire and charisma coming from Bryan after a second fluke reign once with the WHC and now the WWE
  5. I don't think losing back to Cena would make him look like a fluke, but a different idea is that they could work it as a triple threat (with Bryan not taking the pin fall) or have Bryan drop it to someone who then drops it to Cena, but then you could argue that makes Bryan look 'bad' as well, losing to an opponent who could be overcome by Cena, a man he already beat.

    At the end of the day, it might actually be better if Bryan didn't win the title yet (at least the WWE Title) because people are kidding themselves if they think we're going a long while without Cena with the title. It's hard enough to imagine what kind of opponents Bryan could headline against above Cena at this point in time.
  6. I think your idea is realistic. A small champion like Bryan would have a small test reign, and wouldn't main event the big PPV's like Wrestlemania with the strap. Since this is based on realism and not how I would want it booked, then it's pretty similar to yours. I don't think Cena has a match with him, loses at Summerslam, and then doesn't have a rematch the next month though. Losing cleanly at Summerslam and then just not being involved isn't really likely. I'm guessing if he were to lose cleanly at Summerslam, then Henry & Cena will be in the match against Bryan the next PPV, and that is where the Cena / Henry rivalry goes into a personal rivalry and not a title one. Though I think it would be best not to include Henry, and to have it as someone new; possibly Wyatt?

    I don't think this booking is logical though. It doesn't do Bryan that good really. At first it's amazing, but the ending sort of ends it rather abruptly with no climax at all.
  7. He hasn't even won it yet. So 8 years, 3 months, 12 days, and he will only lose it when his limo explodes on Raw, instantly killing him.
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  10. A test reign would be likely. Letting him test main event a smaller PPV like they did with Punk at TLC 2011 and then co main eventing the others letting Cena's personal feuds take center stage. I'd like to see him be a fighting champ underdog. Maybe have heel Vince throw heels at him in an attempt to take the belt off of Bryan. So that even if he doesn't get the longest reign (Maybe 4-5 months, up until the rumble so that he can possibly win that and then go for the world title) but he can have a memorable and solid one. I could then see them giving him a longer World Title reign and a mania feel good moment winning the big gold belt at mania.
  11. The issue I have with this though is the test reign thing. Punk had ultimate faith handed to him. He was an overnight star. His first reign I guess didn't last too long, but to become the drawing force / big name he is today, WWE had to give him huge faith. With that faith came one of the longest title reigns in history, and the longest in the modern era. WWE know to get Bryan to the level of Punk and Cena they have to award him with such faith; can he ever get to that level with a small test reign, or do they need to give him something more?
  12. I guess they could go a month or two at a time. saying things like "Okay, he's doing good so far we'll give him another two months" or they could book him until a major PPV since they tend to set stories up to last between the big four and then extend it if they see that their faith was justified. It isn't ideal but it is a way to do it. Basically a "okay we're giving you faith and a chance until the rumble, prove us right and we'll see about giving you more in some form."
  13. I say beat John Cena at Summerslam, telling Cena that he is going to cash in and gets the cheap win via Henry distraction. Cena calls for his rematch the next night, but once again Henry interferes and Cena goes to feud with Henry, leaving Bryan alone for now. I say the first person that Daniel should defend against is Sheamus. Sheamus saying that Bryan could never take the World Heavyweight championship off of him, and that he beat him in 18 seconds. They go at it for one Night of Champions, and after he beats Sheamus one on one, his next opponent could be Randy Orton. Orton talks about being able to bring Daniel to the edge, and that it's about time he went for the big gold again and challenges Daniel. Daniel beats him cleanly at Over the Limit, and settles it with him there. CM Punk is next, and Punk talks about how him and Daniel were in the indies together, toughing it out, and even admitting that he took the Best in the World saying from Bryan there. He says that he won't only take the Best in the world title, he'll take the WWE title back as well. They go at it at the next Hell in a Cell, ending it by both men not being able to get up, maybe from both falling from the top of the cell. After that, Punk talks about how he's the better one, how he was the WWE champion form 434 days and that Daniel will never see what's like to go even half a year with the belt, and challenges him to a submission match at Survivor Series. He finally beats Punk cleanly, and after the match they shake hands in respect.( :please: I know it won't happen, but let Daniel Bryan walk out with Final Countdown playing). I have a few more, but the most important one would be at Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania. At Royal Rumble, he challenges John Cena, the man who he couldn't defeat cleanly(and Cena mentions it plenty of times) they finally go one on one. Daniel barely goes over Cena, possibly even selling the victory harshly with medics coming about, about to put Daniel on the stretcher but he pushes it away and walks out on his own. At Wrestlemania he would fight Henry. Henry being the guy built up by destroying every big face(and even some heels) in the company, going after everyone who stands in his way, even cameramen until Daniel challenges him.

    Daniel makes Henry tap out, and he finally gets his moment by inducting Mark Henry himself into his own Hall of Pain. To be honest, after all this, I would have him lose the belt to the next biggest heel of the company, or the next biggest face.
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