How long will Team Friendship's reign last?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Leo C, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. Kane and Bryan won the titles from R-Truth and Kofi Kingston at Night of Champions when Bryan shoved Kane onto an accidental Splash on Kofi Kingston. They will defend their titles tonight against Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow). Do you think they'll retain their titles tonight? If so, how do you think the rest of the reign will go? Interesting to note that in the beggining of their reign one would hit the other causing them to win matches, but so far the booking's been more "Bryan's the weak link" than anything. Do you think this will lead into a break up, them losing the titles or something? Discuss.
  2. I've got a mixed reaction with this. Theres still a lot WWE could do with Team Friendship, but I've got a slight feeling they will lose the titles tonight.
  3. My knee jerk reaction is to say it'll last till the spring and then they'll break up and fight at Wrestlemania, but that's just me always thinking that every semi-important match has to be at Wrestlemania. But speaking of which, I think it's probable they keep the belts till Wrestlemania, but there's tension of a break-up by then, and they end up losing the tag titles there because of it. Then Kane chokeslams Bryan after the match or something. But I'm not sure they'll last that long as a team or as champions.
  4. I'm guessing 'till Summer Slam
  5. i think they will go up to wrestlemania as theres no room 4 them really in the me plus there the best thing going atm
  6. A long while, can see it lasting until Wrestlemania, the team builds together more until they are solid for a while, then they start fighting again, and their fighting causes them to lose the tag team championships, then on the rematch for the championships, Kane chokeslams Daniel, costing them the match, then they have a shirt feud and hopefully WWE is smart enough to let Daniel go over, and that's pretty much it, hopefully they throw him back into the world championship picture after they are finished using them to fix the tag team division, which is working well.
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