How long will this reign last?

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  1. Less than 1 month

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  2. 1-3 Months

  3. 3-6 Months

  4. 6-9 Months

  5. 9-12 Months

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  6. Over a year

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  1. The Reign of Rollins, that is.
    I think he'll drop it at Extreme Rules. :heyman:
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    I say SummerSlam, where he drops it to either Lesnar or (perhaps) Reigns. Although Lesnar is a more probable option.
  3. I second Summerslam
  4. Reigns vs. Rollins vs. Lesnar at Summer Slam 2015 - I say 3-6 months.
  5. I'd say somewhere in the 1 to 3 month range but who knows, there's always curveballs flying from the WWE it seems.
  6. At least till Summerslam. It'd be dumb to take the strap off of him before then.
  7. Probably longer than Summerslam. Can't imagine them having any better idea for a champ for a while.
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  8. To?
  9. Probably Summerslam or Survivor Series, to either Lesnar, Bryan or Ambrose.

    plz no reigns plz
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  10. Ambrose lmfao. Go home.
  11. Not an Ambrose fan? I agree he's nowhere near WWE title level atm but I think he could very well be if/when built right.
  12. No, not a fan of anything he has done in WWE. very cheesy character and the WOAT ring attire. I'll take a hiatus if he wins the strap
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  13. Fair. I enjoy the character and he seems to be over enough, I wouldn't complain if he got pushed. But to each his own.
  14. I going to predict 5 because Rollins vs Lesnar at Summerslam is most likely going to happen.
  15. But he can actually cut a great promo and is pretty good in the ring.

    His rebound clothesline or whatever it is needs to be used less though.
  16. I haven't even heard him give a decent promo in the WWE, let alone great.

  17. and

    Just after Fast Lane, these two gems were kept on WWE YouTube.
  18. Ambrose being the one to eventually take the strap from Seth Rollins would be perfect. They just have to get behind him and start pushing him as a more serious contender throughout the year so that by the time next year's Rumble arrives, he'll be ready to earn a shot at the championship at Wrestlemania 32. As it is now, he's already got the people on his side and the only thing holding him back from greater success is booking. It speaks volumes that he's the most over star of the former three Shield members (or at least tied with Rollins for the spot) despite receiving the worst booking of all of them.

    The perfect WWE Championship match for next year's Wrestlemania would be either Ambrose vs Rollins one-on-one, or a triple threat match involving Reigns (which could then turn into a one-on-one rivalry between Ambrose and Rollins following Mania.)
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  19. Keep dreaming on Ambrose. i wish lol.
  20. I can see Rollins either dropping the belt at EXtreme Rules to Reigns in a triple threat matach with Orton. If that doesn't happen, he'll def lose it at Summerslam to Brock in some way.
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