How long will YOU live?

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  1. The map, created by, shows the average life expectancy for both men and women. The CIA's individual breakdown confirms that women on average live longer than men. Life expectancy for a woman in Monaco is 93.77 years compared with that of a man at 85.74 years.
    In Chad life expectancy for men is only 47.61 years while women are expected to live slightly longer to 49.82 years.
    American men live 76.05 years on average while women in the United States live to 81.05 years.
    In the United Kingdom the life expectancy of men is 78.05 years while it is 82.4 years for women.
    While the United States has consistently fallen in the rank of world nations over the last 50 years, the average life expectancy has risen from 69.8 years in 1960 to 78.49 today.
    And while Chad's figure of 48.69 today is shockingly low, in 1960 Afghanistan had the world's lowest life expectancy at 31.3 years.

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  2. Dying in 72. Awesome.
  3. Dying 81/82 would be alright, just suck being old for a while :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. 81. My genetics probably say I can beat it though. All of my great grandparents grew to be older than 88 so we'll see what happens.
  5. 78 1/2. This makes me sad just because my grandparents are mounting 80 :-( Anyways, Monaco must be the most luxurious place in the world or something haha.
  6. Monaco actually is super nice from what I've heard
  7. I'm about to set sail to Monaco then.
  8. Dying at age 78, great!!!
  9. #13 says Jersey, so i guess our life expectancy is greater than the rest of the country. :troll:
  10. Sandy disagrees :pipebomb:
  11. As long as I want too.
    I could shoot myself in the head or stab myself right now if I wanted to.
    Statistics. :haha:
  12. :badass: Well it's a bout life expectancy in the article. So if you shoot yourself in the head it will do little to effect those statistics.
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