How long will Ziggler hold the belt?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. We already have a thread discussing who he should feud with. But I figured this would also be an interesting topic. How long do you think Dolph will hold the big gold belt?

    Will he hold it for only a couple of months, half a year or maybe even into 2014? Logically the longer he holds the belt the longer he can cement himself as a main eventer and get himself more over with the casuals. But how long do you actually see him being allowed to run with the ball?

    There will be two questions for this thread:

    How long do you see Dolph holding the belt?

    How long do you want to see Dolph hold it?

    Discuss it.
  2. I see him holding it until maybe SummerSlam, possibly dropping it then.

    I'd like to see him hold it until Mania '30, and have him vs. Bryan for the WHC.
  3. That would be so perfect. Honestly, I have no idea. With it being SmackDown, there is no pressure with ratings or anything, so that should help Dolph. It's hard to hold that title for a year though, due to how little feuds he can actually have. I reckon about 3-5 months.
  4. I personally think there isn't a lack of feuds for him to have. As you said, it is the Smackdown belt so there is less pressure. They can easily be more experimentive with who they have him feud with. Letting him have a couple of short feuds with mid card faces (the few there are) to help establish him/make him look dominant in between his feuds with established guys like ADR, Sheamus and Orton. The problem would instead be if WWE are willing to do this.
  5. SmackDown arenas need to sell. SmackDown struggles with house show appearances as it is, and Ziggler vs some nobody won't sell anything. Also, you want to give him credibility and spotlight. A 5 month feud with top guys with constant spotlight will do more for him than an irrelevant year feud filled with fillers.
  6. They'll still sell if you have the big names there though just keep them away from the title. They don't need to be in the mainevent to draw people to the show.
  7. Yeah we have no idea really. As long as it is AT LEAST 4-5 months then it should do wonders for him.

    I may be taking this thread onto too much of a tangent, but do Sheamus and Orton even draw that well? I don't really pay close attention to these things, but did ratings not take a massive increase for Henry's reign? And I seem to remember ratings generally being lower for Sheamus's than they were for D-Bry's. Though this could just be me with my bias mark head on lol.
  8. Sheamus has about as many people paying to see him as Xanth's sex tape does. He doesn't draw and neither does Orton although I believe it's more because people prefer the face chasing than holding the title.
  9. I bet Crayo is secretly a mark for both of those things.

    I didn't think so, but yeah I have noticed in my short smarky time that heel champs seem to draw better. Punk was getting pretty poor numbers as a face, but as a heel they improved I think. (In saying this, I don't really think he was the drawing factor of Raw until he turned)
  10. Secretly? Anyway yeah I think it's just natural for people to want to root for the guys trying to win it and getting the feel good moment of gaining the title than it is them holding it for some reason. It's why Henry would never a draw as a face, they aren't paying to see Mark Henry they're paying to see who can beat Mark Henry. Also damn Ziggler has a pretty defined back :gusta:
  11. How long do you see Dolph holding the belt? Till SSeries

    How long do you want to see Dolph hold it? Over a year and dropping it to Bryan or Ambrose
  12. I think he'll hold it for at least half a year, get in some pretty good feuds and make his reign look good. I want him to hold the belt for a year. Since we had to wait so long for his reign, it would be nice to see him next year at Wrestlemania as the World Heavyweight Champion.
  13. I'd like to see him as champion for more than a year

    I think he'll be champion around 6 months
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