How many diamond push ups can you do?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. My friend bet me 10 bucks that I couldn't do 20 of them... I lost.

    I was shaking by 6 and thought I blew out a tricep when I fell on my face at 11. Shit is tough. I can crank out 50 regular push ups no trouble, but I guess I need to work more tris when I lift (I dont lift enough as it is anyway)
  2. Never ever tried. Will bookmark this and try it in the gym tomorrow. I'm predicting around 10-15 if I'm fresh. If I don't get like 5 I'll be quite mad.

    Just did exactly what he said. I did 4 and thought I was going to die. Fuck 20.
  4. There's no way you even did one, bs.
  5. About 14...wasn't that bad really.
  6. last time i tried i couldnt do a single push up.. so im just going to assume i cant do 1 of these either
  7. If you do it properly you will feel the burn after the first one unless you do a lot of tricep specific lifting and exercises
  8. Just actually seen that YT video, I thought the diamond push up thing was the one Dallas Page did in that YT video? When it's like one handed or something and pushing his whole body up. This is just what we call a "controlled strength building push up" with the diamond symbol instead lol. Will still see how many I can do though.
  9. Try some girl diamond push ups
  10. I did do it properly. It does hurt, just thought it'd be worse.
  11. Those are called like extreme psycho push ups or some shit


    I did already lift earlier this evening so that probably didn't help me. If I had two day to prepare I could get 20
  12. i can do many of them :yay:
  13. Are you sure you people are doing it right? Without regular training I don't think you'd be calling it easy and shit lol. You don't just go down up down up, you go down, wait 3 seconds, and push for like 5 seconds, not power push ups when you go down fast, up fast, down fast etc. You need to go down (while controlling) for 3-5 (depending on what you want), then hold it for 3-5, then push yourself up slowly 3-5, that's 1.
  14. I was going slowly but only holding for about a second

    I think he probably had his hands too far up, and not in line with his chest like is proper technique
  15. 5 im not in the best shape since i quit football and baseball.
  16. Maybe. You should try it for longer, imo it's harder than actually going up when you get to a decent amount lol.
  17. Diamond push ups hurt my wrists like hell, but nothing else hurts. During the p90x diamond push ups workout, I pulled out 17 good ones followed by 6 shitty ones.
  18. Obviously going slower and holding the position longer makes it harder. The same is true of any push up and most exercises really.
  19. I didn't go slow. If I would of went slow, I would of only done like 9 or 10.
  20. It hurts my left wrist because I've torn ligaments in it and it's never really healed properly. Mainly KILLs my triceps
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