How many NXT stars will debut at WM31?

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  1. I've heard rumors Adrian Neville may be in the ATG battle royal, but other than that - nothing. I would love to see Charlotte and Zayne show up too, but I won't hold my breath. I wonder if Charlotte will be involved in Triple H's entrance again. That was pretty sweet last year.

    How many NXT stars do you think will "move up" for WM31?
  2. just 1.

    Don't debut them at mania in general. They'll just be overshadowed by the other stuff going on.
  3. Only Neville will debut, they don't have enough shit planned out to start debuting everyone at once.
    They can't even decide what to do on Raw a day before, they have literally changed scripts at the last second so many times, it's hard to count.
    And even though it's looking like Neville will move up. The crowd desperately wants Sami Zayne, but Neville has been ready.

    Either way, I am excited for his debut.
  4. I guess whoever wins that NXT tourney will debut at Mania, it might be Neville, indeed.
  5. I'm betting on Neville winning the NXT Tournament over the weekend and earning a spot in the Andre Memorial Battle Royal. And who knows, he might even win the battle royal itself (doubt it, but he could at least last till near the end.)
  6. To be honest, I would not be surprised if Neville won it. It still wouldn't beat last years ATGBR, that was the best Battle Royal in a long time.
  7. Yeah, it'd be a pretty swell way of debuting him. Winning the Andre trophy isn't a huge career-altering accolade or anything, but it's still a pretty good way of putting your face and name out there with the mass audience right away with a decent win over several other superstars on the roster, especially if we get a Kofi-like spot where he used his agility to avoid being eliminated earlier in the match.

    However, Sheamus will probably make his return by entering and winning this thing, which I have little problem with either.
  8. Fuck Sheamus. That white inbred freak can kiss my ass
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