How many of you actually watch Ring Of Honor?

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  1. Just wondering how many of you actually watch Ring Of Honor, I watch it occasionally when I can be bothered downloading it. I don't watch it to much though but I know who most of the guys there are!
  2. I watch their TV show every week, their iPPVs too. Their DVD shows - only when I hear some rave reviews.
  3. I wouldn't say I watch it, If theres anything on YouTube or other sites, I might a little, while browsing, I mainly watch WWE.
  4. I've started watching it, I'm impressed for what they got, I like Kevin Steen, such an arrogant bastard, he's a cool world champion.
  5. i dont watch :cry:
  6. I don't even know where to watch it.
  7. When I can get a hold of it. The downside of most indies is that their episodes or ippvs are hard to get a hold of unless you delve down deep into smark territory.
  8. I follow ROH. I have the last 4 weeks worth of their TV show and the last iPPV that I haven't watched though.. I've fallen really far behind
  9. Going to catch up on it right now.
  10. You can get them on Torrent sites....I might start uploading ROH Episodes weekly for all of you guys so you can watch it without having to look around for it! :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Depends on the torrent sites. I use sites like Piratebay, torrentz, torrenthound and kickass torrents (the big four that don't require passwords.) and there is very little indie wrestling on those sites. I have another solution that works just as well though.
  12. Youtube has some ROH episodes, I can also send links to users who do...
  13. XWT have their episodes! :emoji_wink:

    And I might upload 1 episode and see what people say, If people like it then I'll keep it up :3
  14. You missed my point. XWT is a site that requires a password. I prefer use of the sites that don't require a password.
  15. Still, XWT is a great site.....I'm converting the file now then uploading :jericho:
  16. I'll watch A MATCH if someone says THAT WAS AMAZING...

    Other than that..

  17. Just so everybody knows it is currently uploading, Will hopefully be up in the next few hours.
  18. Just saw the 6/30 and 7/21 episodes, and after seeing the first few episodes on Sinclair and not being impressed at all, the lowered expectations definitely help.

    Why don't they have weekly shows anymore?
  19. I must admit I've never actually watched RoH before, but I might try get a hold off it and give one or two shows a go to see if I can get into it.
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