How many of you are actually excited for Brock/Big Show?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. Is it just me who thinks Brock turning up to this mini feud with Big Show is just a dramatic waste in his appearances? This feud is completely pointless and I'm not excited remotely.
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  2. I'm with you on this one, it's just a waste of his dates in my opinion.
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  3. It's repetitive in my eyes because the story has already been done. The giant's fighting isn't as fun and amazing as it use to be.

    I see it having a very rushed ending.
  4. Not a Lesnar fan, so no, not excited at all
  5. Waste of Lesnar, but he's doing a great job selling it. He could just phone it in if he wanted, but he's not.
  6. Was never big into Lesner and even less so of Big Show... so this match is nothing but filler to me.
  7. I guess I'm the only one :downer:
  8. :gtfo:
  9. Yeah, it's a complete was of Lesnar to put him against the Big Show. Ugh.
  10. Don't mind Lesnar competing at the Rumble, don't mind Big Show when he's portrayed as a serious giant, don't mind Lesnar looking strong in the end by destroying (and probably breaking the arm of) the Big Show. And while they've only shared two segments with one another, I've enjoyed both.

    That said, I wouldn't have minded if they had used someone like Big E Langston in the role instead. I know he's IC Champion and the title wouldn't be on the line, but it wouldn't matter. It would have made sense considering A.) Langston is friends with Mark Henry, B.) Langston is a big guy with credibility due to his size and that's obviously something they want as a part of this feud, and C.) Langston could have benefited from the rub of nearly bringing Lesnar down (even though he still would have lost the match.) Would have been interesting to see Langston come out to confront Lesnar and Heyman and they sort of just look at him as a "rookie" who Brock will easily tear through and they end up quite surprised when Big E sort of manhandles Lesnar himself.

    But I dunno, I'm fine with the Big Show.
  11. It's garbage. Brock has been made to look a wimp getting beat up by a guy who a few weeks ago was crying on tv and couldn't catch a break. In a word its gash!
  12. Yep, a total waste of his dates at a time when WWE really doesn't need Lesnar.
  13. It would be a little fresher if I hadn't seen this feud already. I remember going to a Smackdown taping many years ago and Lesnar F5ing Show through the announce table. They're both much older and Show is a lot less relevant, so my care cup is empty.
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  14. Hell, I got a whole empty pool
  15. I too have an empty care cup about this match up.
    The only thing I want to see is the end where Big Show gets hurt.
  16. Agreed, 100%.
  17. Who else would you guys have Brock squash at the RR?

    Brock could be wrestling Barney the dinosaur and I would be hyped.
  18. It's just that he doesn't need to be there.

    He's winning the title in the Chamber match, so should have been built as the mystery 6th entrant or Heyman got him a spot on the go-home show. There are some huge storylines ongoing (Punk/HHH, Orton/Cena, Bryan/Wyatts, Shield tension, start of WM season, Batista's return), so not like Lesnar is essential to the product. I guess we won't see him for long parts of 2014.
  19. You are all fickle. Enjoy Brock in all his glory and stop bellyaching
  20. I'll Enjoy Brcok destroying Show's shoulder. I like Brock I just really think they could've worked it in better. Oh well, the show goes on right? or in this case hopefully The Show doesn't go on.
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