How many of you cocksuckers..

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. will never be with a girl you have fallen in love with?

    Seriously ignore this thread, it is reasonable to do so....but how many of you have lost someone you have loved to someone else or someone better than you?

    I'll post how it goes down but right now my sister is getting married to honestly a guy i really appreciate. While that happens, this girl i have fallen head over heels for (and yes...she was 18 when i was 23) is her bridesmaid. He has cheated on her twice and looks like he is holding a ponch over his stomach, but i fucked up and ruined it all by doing what i thought would make things easiest.

    I am asking for no pity, but a real understanding. I am at my family wedding watching a 2nd girl i think is amazing, who deserves this girl, spend time with her and make her happy. Am I a drunk? Yes. Am i looking for pity? Here, are you kidding me bros? but is it real. Yes.

    A lot of things we joke about are real, but why are people so quick to run away? I have been waiting for almost 2 years, miserable, for my sister to be happy I was at her wedding (and she willl be) while also realizing i've thrown 2 years of my life away.

    This isnt really a question, just something to make you see I am a real person, while also realizing life isnt perfect and we all throw things away in the name of love and something we have no control over.

    Am I the only one fucked up? If so i will gladly leave.
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  2. Me

    You live far away

    J/K tough luck man, hope it works out for you. Good guys finish last
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  3. bro shitty guys earn their spot.

    I really believe that after today.
  4. I fucked up before real bad. It's a long story so I can't really do anything. On the bright side, I've been texting my HS crush for the past few weeks.
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  5. hope is the most valuable thing in the human heard bud.
  6. I never understood why women stay with people who cheat. Dumb to me, don't really think there is a reasonable excuse besides you're a dick
  7. It's all I can rely on or initiative.
  8. I think things like this happen. All you can really do is move on and learn from any mistakes you may have made. Personally, dwelling on the past doesn't do much but make you feel like shit. I'm sorry this is going on for you, but I hope you have lots of fun at your sister's wedding. I personally don't think you're a bad guy, so just keep being you and I think things will fall into place.
  9. have you ever wasted 2 years of your life to make someone happy?

    I am not saying i dont appreciate it, because you keep me realistic, but it hurts so bad some days to see someone so happy when you are so miserable.

    AND MOTHERFUCKERS COME AT ME. I would take a banover being human. I see my family happy and im greatful, but do you realise what it's like to look at someone and know you are missing out over what you owe them? I am glad my sister is happy, my brother in law is my brother - but my misery is my own and im fucking serious.
  10. said the chick who is considering being with her ex. I do respect it but you dont live it.

    @Dolph'sZiggler I have been a piece of shit, but keep it real. Am i wrong? Would you be my friend?

    I am not looking for pity, but i am looking for some kind of life to be real.
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  12. This happened plenty of time to me, but it's whatever. Just moving on to the next person brings hope I suppose. Trying to focus more on school and other stuff though as oppose to looking for a relationship currently.
  13. are you asking me to go steady??
  14. Hey man, I just wanted to let you know that Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.
  15. I've been in a relationship (it wasn't two years but it was a year a half), where we grew apart. I was doing everything trying to keep us close together, to keep the relationship going well while I was in college. During that time, he was so much closer to his girl friends than he was to me. That really hurt to see someone I desperately wanted things to work with not give a damn about me. It's not the same situation that you're in, I realize that, but sometimes you just have to let go. I was angry, allowed myself to grieve the relationship and moved on. I've been in relationships that have and haven't worked out since then and that's okay. I have to have experiences in order to know what works for me and what doesn't. We all grow from the situations we're in, for better or for worse, and I wouldn't change a thing.

    I'm dead serious - if you ever want to hang out or blow off some steam, you know I live in town. If you need a friend I'm here to listen.
  16. Fair enough. Some things work themselves out and some don't.
  17. Fuck you Aids!
  18. My boys Aids finna wake up in the morning and be like DAMN
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  19. I know that feeling all too well :emoji_slight_frown:, especially when you find someone so perfect!

    It breaks my heart sometimes, thinking about some of the amazing women i've met in my life, one in paticular was a really pretty girl who came all the way from Liverpool to visit for my birthday, it was the best day of entire life. Then things happened and we went our seperate ways, but I'#ve honestly never found a woman who made me feel more like a man than she did. Love is a tricky bitch.
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