How many of you do you agree that Kevin Dunn should have been fired for good already by...

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  1. the WWE long ago?

    After all these years of figuring out why the WWE has been going down in severe decline and have had some crappy years before the PG and Reality era(along with some angles with potential but ended up being disappointinly fucked up). There are more than a plenty of reasons why it's doing so but I'll just mention two reasons. One is because of Vince McMahon's carelessness and hiring a bunch of yes men who agree with all his ideas(even if they do great harm to his own business and chase the fans away) and so-called "direction". Another is because of Kevin Dunn(who happens to be Vince McMahon's main yes man).

    I've never heard of a single positive thing about the beaver teeth troll(Dunn) from any pro wrestlers or anyone associated with pro wrestling(even Paul Bearer, who seems to be one of the nicest guys in the wrestling industry, hated Dunn). The only things I've heard about him are that he's been trying to get the wrestling bookers and creative writing team to completely change wrestling strictly into "sports entertainment" for a long time being Vince's yes man, even though he's only just a production guy for the WWE and NOT the creative writer. He tried burying the whole NXT talent, which pissed Triple H off. He's mainly responsible for the crappy Total Divas show because he believes that all the WWE Divas should be hired strictly for their appearance, to look pretty on their show, rather than hiring real female wrestling talents. Not sure if this was true but I've also heard that he was the large part of the reason why many WCW talents were buried in the WWE along with the Invasion angle in 2001 ending in disappointment as this story angle had the largest potential to be much better than it actually is.

    People often like to blame Triple H(especially since he gained himself the notoriety of being the bury king) and Steph for the WWE's currently dramatic decline yet dismiss that the reason why NXT is the only entertaining thing about the WWE at this moment is because of these two in charge of the show.

    There's never been anyone else that I've heard get so much hate from nearly everyone in the pro wrestling industry than Kevin Dunn(along with Vince Russo, who's one of the main reasons why WCW went out of business). Guys like Shawn Michaels and Hogan get the honorable mention for being one of the most hated in the wrestling industry but I've heard much worse about Dunn and Russo than about HBK and Hogan. The only reason why he's even still employed by Vince McMahon is because of him being his bitch and his yes man, telling him everything that only Vince wants to hear, rather than telling it like it is.

    What do you guys think(sorry for the very long thread details)?
  2. Vince is an egotistical person by nature, not to trash talk about Vince... but he really needs to have someone on his corner to help him filter the good stuff from the bad stuff. Problem is, if he has a YES man constantly, he'll have a bunch of bad mistakes that would hurt WWE like Russo did to WCW frequently.

    Triple H is that person, too... but Dunn makes decisions somewhere in-between. Like the suspension of Titus for example. I believe that's what contributed to this thread's inspiration.

    Dunn will be fired eventually, he just needs to piss Vince off enough to say "that's it." Because, whether Vince realizes it or not... he's hurting the business with the bad mistakes. There's going to be a point where he makes a huge mistake that WWE fires him or Vince does it himself - whichever comes first.
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  3. I think he joined the kiss ass club long ago and has had chapped lips since. It is a shame people will lie to fall into favoritism rather than tell the truth and risk rejection.
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  4. Yeah, not to mention that it was actually he(Kevin Dunn) who was the main guy to constantly bully and put Jim Ross on blast(through live shoot wrestling segments on WWE) for his bell's palmsy. You'd think Vince McMahon is the first guy to come up with the idea of genuinely bullying JR(non-kayfabe) on live TV but it was actually Dunn. There were rumors that Dunn is mainly responsible for JR getting fired from the WWE a couple of years ago just by doing his usual ear-whispering to Vince.
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