How many of you do you think you can go along with Chris Jericho's heel speech against you...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, Sep 2, 2015.

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  1. without bursting out laughing your ass off?

    I honestly don't know how this old man was able to go along with Chris Jericho's trash talking against him after the Smackdown show was over, without bursting out laughing his ass off. I would have given it away just by a small giggle bottling up my huge laughter, lol.
  2. Perhaps the old man is enough of a fan to realize that when a wrestler starts going off on you, you just go along with it? The last thing I'd do if a wrestler started cutting a promo on me is laugh, I'd play along since him interacting with me makes me a part of that number.
  3. Heel Jericho 2008-2010 and 2012 was dope, face Jericho Y2J still awesome, Y2J is dope heel/face. That promo doe... still very heel.
  4. I'd try to roll with it.
  5. That was great. I would so go along with this promo and trash talk Jericho back.
  6. So Jericho eats guys for breakfast and he wants to beat this guys butthole? :smirk2:

    Well done though. No profanity, lol.
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  7. The WWE needs more Y2J.
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  8. Absolutely. I always mark for Jericho. Would love it if he returned as a heel the next time, though.

    Yo, Mr. Farooq, Y2J vs KO is set to take place in the MSG on October the 3rd. Are you ready?
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  9. My butt just got moist.
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  10. When I go to indie shows, there's always one fan who gets so into it that they are flipping the bird, yelling at the wrestlers and getting in their faces....although I'm sure some might be plants, I know others are not. I used to hang out with the Brew City Wrestling crew after events and knew pretty much what was going on.

    Now a lot of people mock those guys for taking it so seriously. I don't. I think it's great that they get into it. However, if I didn't know a wrestler would start up on me beforehand, I'd probably burst out laughing.