How many of you here play Counter Strike Source?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. I want to start some big WWEF lobby where we all play, but currently only Xanth, Adam, and I play it and those two fucking suck and rage all the time. If we had a WWEF lobby it'd be fun as hell.
  2. I'm offended and honoured you mentioned me.
  3. <--- CS 1.6 lover

    I played my fair share of Source but went right back to 1.6, idk I just didn't like the fact I was getting headshots by shooting people's legs, it was kind of glitchy as far as mechanics go.

    I lost all my account information though a few years back and haven't been able to recover it so I'm kinda screwed outta my copy of Source lol otherwise I would play.
  4. Buy it for me and I'll play it. xoxo
  5. I play it but at the moment, My Computer can't run it. Will try to Get it to work on this computer and then I'll get back into playing CS:S.

    Mainly used it for TTT when It first started but I usually went on CS_Office most of the time on the Fragmaster servers.
  6. Crayo said you can suck a dick
  7. What are you? Some kind of ginger puppet?
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  8. ye
  9. PC or Xboxone?
  10. I've been playing it on PC since 06. Still fun, but I'd say GO is a better way to play it. Nonetheless, I'm up for a lobby if it's PC.
  11. i've only played the xbox 360 version. noob i know.
  12. PC of course.

    CrayoWF is my steam guys. Feel free to add me.
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  13. Wen are we doing this? Also, I feel like CS GO would be a better choice, maybe just personal preference but meh.
  14. Might get it in the summer.
  15. I have the game, don't really play too much but I'd be down to game with you guys sometime.
  16. I've been thinking about getting some games that some of the members have.

    I'll add you only if you add me. :ksi:
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