How many of you play WWE 13?

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Crayo, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Just curious. Go.
  2. I did when I had a TV in my room, but I don't right now.
  3. :cornette: WHERE THE FUCK IS AMBROSE?:cornette: :NOPE:
  4. Eh. Bought it, didn't really play. I mostly play offline in Universe mode, and I couldn't get past that one count glitch. Makes every match awful.

    Plus, because of my shitty Australian internet connection I can barely play an online match without awful amounts of lag.
  5. I play it whenever I have time
  6. I play it if I have nothing to do. Plus to download the CAWs. :mog:

  7. Played WWE '12, didn't think WWE '13 was worth buying. How much of an improvement is it from '12 to '13?
  8. I do play WWE 13 when im bored, mostly on Offline/Universe Mode (have a silver account, havent got around to buying a Gold account) and messing around on the CAW stuff
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  9. Never played it in my life. Not my sort of game.
  10. When I'm bored or don't have another game to play. Mainly universe mode and playing around with the CAW editor.
  11. Have the game but hardly play it as the game play is piss poor and universe is meh.There are no branching storylines and having a match feels like a chore.

    I still play HCTP a lot and prefer it to the newer games as it has the fun element that has been taken away in the current crop of games. It has some unique submission holds and other cool moves in it as well.
  12. I play it here and there, most of the time I find myself in Universe mode when I do.
  13. I have it, played it for a month. Stopped.
  14. When will the gaming section be here Crayo ?
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  15. Play it 24/7
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  16. Play it whenever i can be bothered, xbox only though.
  17. I bought it, left it in a box and haven't touched it again, maybe I'll play a match or two just to try it but I think it'll be like WWE12'
  18. I play it on my PS3. If any of you guys with PSTriples want to add me hit me up at PO-PO_BUZZIN.
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