How many of you play WWE games?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. I find myself playing every WWE game for an easy 1 full week in game time from when I get it till when I get the next and probably a lot more game time than 1 week along the way. I find myself getting bored with the Universe mode and just playing the actual wrestling part so I go into CAW making and those sort of things.

    So how many of you play WWE games regularly and also once you get bored of the wrestling part of the game do you switch to other things in it or just stop playing?

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  2. I play WWE games religiously from when they're released but once I complete the game I usually trade it in or give them to my sister.
  3. I've been playing em since 1999, so I'm into the wrestling games. I still have a copy of WWF In Your House. I play th new ones too although the story of those games haven't been good in a very long time. I wish they would bring back classic season mode or do a dramatic expansion of WWE Universe by adding more unique stories or any story at that.
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  4. I still play HCTP a lot,i have more fun with that game as it does not feel like a chore to play.I also lose a lot more matches then i do compared to the current wwe games, there are tons of really cool moves in the game like unique submission holds,career mode is better then the Universe shit.
  5. *Raises hand*
  6. I play WWE 14 but I preferred the TNA game they released in 2006 I think
  8. I still play Royal Rumble and RAW on my Genesis emulator.
  9. I play them all but I get bored.

    The best wrestling game ever is No Mercy. That I can never get bored of.

    I like the new games....but how fucking lazy do you have to be to basically take the exact same game, add a thing or two to it, and have the balls to slap on '13/'14/whatever year it is and hype it like it's a brand new concept? Same stupid faces, same stupid hair, same stupid clothes....Let's put some actual effort in to it. Not to mention the faces of the chick's are fucking disgusting except one. Also, really hate how long hair just goes through the shoulder like you shoulder isn't even there.
  10. Stopped when I was 12. I still played WWE '13 a littile.
  11. I'm fairly sure this is a typo, WWE 14 is still in development.
  12. I've played pretty much every WWE game released on home consoles since like 2002 I believe. The only ones I really played a lot were both of the Day Of Reckoning games (gameplay was pretty much perfect), Here Comes The Pain (great season mode), Raw 2 (great season mode [and only multiplayer one if I'm correct]), Smackdown Vs. Raw 06 (great gameplay, season mode, and GM mode!), 07 (same as 06), 08 (terrible gameplay & season mode but GM mode was pretty good), and '12. That may seem like a long list but considering the amount of games it really isn't, plus I still don't like 08.

    No Mercy's another good one, but that was before 2002 and I was only counting post-02. Don't think another pre-02 wrestling game exists outside of No Mercy that I've played for a long period of time. War Zone sucked.
  13. i play WWE games regularly most of the time i do get bored with Universe mode

    if they bring back RTWM or something similar i will play it more
  14. U mean the video game!?
  15. Sorry, wanted to write WWE 13... I posted in the WWE 14 thread before and I don't know why I wrote 14 and not 13... My fault
  16. 295 hours of wwe 13; should be at 350 but...things got in my way. LOVE WWE 13
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