How many of you sit through SmackDown?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. I'm just curious how many of you watch SmackDown from segment-to-segment without skipping anything. So let me know how you watch it. I skip the segments I know I'll dislike as I read spoilers.
  2. I stand through Smackdown because it is so damn exciting.
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  3. I watch it all. Simply because I want to form myself an opinion by watching the product as a whole.
  4. Dat honeymoon phase
  5. I watch it on daylimotion . I skip low midcarders matches
  6. ATM I just read the spoilers tbh.
  7. I honestly don't watch it at all. :haha:
  8. I watch whatever airs on my TV.
  9. I record it on SYFY and watch it saturday sometime. The only thing I skip is commercials
  10. Haven't missed a single show since I signed up here a year ago. :boss:
  11. I sometimes forget it's even on.
  12. I haven't sat through an entire Smackdown since one of their live ones (not the last one, I think the one before that) and I haven't watched a single segment of Smackdown since Rock's first appearance on it (that was the one where he asked Sandow three questions right?).
  13. I always watch SmackDown without fail. However, if a problem occurs or if I'm out, I record it.
  14. Smackdown had better matches than RAW weekly, they just fuck it up with constant recaps and pointless feuds that "didn't happen" on the next RAW. I watch sometimes, but haven't seen much WWE at all lately, honestly.
  15. I typically watch it all the way but I'm usually multitasking with something else...therefore I'm not sure how much I'm actually paying attention to it :lol1:
  16. Don't watch.
    Same thing goes for TNA. Roode/Aries gives me a reason to watch.
    SD doesn't, although Henry is back sooooo....
  17. I hardly ever watch SmackDown. The worst SmackDown's are ones right before a PPV. They're basically just re-cap shows.
  18. Actually sitting through it right now, watching it on stream for the first time in ages, and i have to say so far it's been a pretty decent episode, with Jericho v Show still to come, I guess what makes it a lot more bearable though is having JBL on commentary, as he is awesome
  19. Yes, I do. Then again, I don't really have anything else to do on Fridays anyway.
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