How many of you use Tapatalk?

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  1. The plugin at the moment is causing issues with other plugins (tagging and spoilers), and I'm reading it may have security flaws/risks (the company are refusing to answer these questions), so I'm curious as to how many of you use it and whether those who do use it can just use the mobile theme?
  2. Also, using the mobile theme lets us add new features if you need them, which we can't do for tapatalk.
  3. When I do look at the site on my phone, I use my browser and the mobile theme seems to work just fine.
  4. No,but, I do use the mobile version a lot and I noticed a couple things wrong with it.
    The first thing being the text on posts & statuses appear like:

    Instead of it all being on one line like: I had a good day.
  5. ^ I never had this problem. I'll enable the mobile version of the desktop theme, see if that's any better for you.
  6. I use the mobile version just fine
  7. I use it, and I could use the mobile theme, but i'd rather not.

    Wouldn't be butt hurt if I couldn't basically.
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  8. It's working quite swell now,thanks.
  9. I did enjoy the mobile version of the desktop theme
  10. I downloaded the trial for Tapatalk, no idea why anyone would use it. It's god awful, the mobile theme is much better IMO.
  11. I bought taptalk and I hated it, Mobile theme >
  12. Haven't used Tapatalk before just because I don't want to buy it. The mobile theme version of the site works just fine for me.
  13. Okay. I'll be uninstalling Tapatalk.
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