How many of you were at school and now aren't?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. I know many of you had exams and stuff but are now off. How many though? Activity has practically doubled from last month so I'm guessing it's because of holidays/more new members getting involved.
  2. Degreeing.
  3. I'm just happy to be here! Over 120 posts in two days!
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  4. Does this deserve a like? Hell yeah :austin:
  5. I'm not anymore. I quit. :boss1:
  6. I go to school online, I only need to finish 2 or 3 more courses then I get my High School Degree and then I'm heading to College for either music or DAMNOLOGY. But this is the best forum Ive been in. Usually forums that are active like this that Ive been in in the past are complete sellouts or the members are douche bags. Neither of these are on here.
  7. You obviously haven't spoke to Dolph's yet.


  8. I have, and he's not as bad as what I'm used to from other forums Ive been in.
  9. Graduated 'High School' :-)

    :bossface: :vince:
  10. I must be a psychic because as soon as I saw him mention a lack of douchebags I knew someone was going to mention me
  11. School? Is that some kind of xbox game?
  12. I think only high school seniors are off atm. There's still others left so we might get even more activity after 10-15 days.
  13. I'm off come Friday but all my work is done. Going to do a summer course unless I get a job for the summer but those are so easy it's a joke.
  14. Our summer is March-May, so I'm at school already. Not an excuse not to whore myself here. :emoji_wink:)
  15. Expected more people tbh. :hmm:
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