How many of you were worked?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else literally go from:




    after Henry's fake retirement? How good was he?! I thought Cena was excellent tonight as well tbh.
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  2. I did. I figured some form of story was worked into it but I did not rule out his retirement entirely. So I was suckered in a bit. Then I smiled like a goofy kid when he WSS'd Cena into a pancake.
  3. I did. As soon as he started crying. I'm just a puppet. :please:
  4. Im glad and sad at the same time because I thought D-Bry was gonna go after the title and win.
  5. Bryan is going to win RAW MITB and feud with Cena over the summer, imo.
  6. I sort of expected something because if he was going to retire officially then he wouldn't announce it during a bad Cena segment, instead he would get his own stuff, y'know. But it was a great moment.
  7. What Crayo said is one of the most likely ways they will go. I can also see Henry going over Cena at MITB for the belt. He gets his thank you reign and then puts over Bryan at Summerslam. Cena won't lose any cred by losing to a monster like Henry.
  8. That would be good.
  9. Definitely was.

    Also, I liked your post because your your signature.
  10. Not this guy, I only watched the segment after learning he didn't retire. But while watching that segment, I have to say, it was pretty damn obvious that he wasn't going to retire. Don't get me wrong, Henry's acting was absolutely wonderful and based off that alone I can completely understand why people thought it was the real deal but everything else pointed in the opposite direction. If this was the real deal, I highly doubt John Cena would have been involved as much. Based off pretty much every WWE retirement speech in the last few years, having someone who really didn't have much importance in your career being an semi-integral part of your speech was a drastic change from the norm. That and it's pretty heavily foreshadowed before the turn that he isn't really retiring. During Cena's promo where he talks about whoever his next opponent is (another huge tip off that it wasn't sincere, history tells me if Cena's out there talking about his next challenger then the person interrupting is either him, or someone like a gm to tell who it is) but he ends off by saying something along the lines of "when I lose this belt, I know that he will have EARNED it," stressing the earned "as I did" and then later during Mark's speech he gives Cena the belt back because it's a belt that has to be "earned." No way that was coincidental (okay, I heavily doubt it was considering the high quality of the segment as a whole). Very smartly written.
  11. Guilty as charged :sad:
  12. :nope: it was so obvious that he was gonna attack Cena "Stay here John i have something to tell you " :dawg:
  13. He got me.
  14. As I've said in other threads, the Tweets had me fooled. However, once he came out whilst Cena was still out there and told him to stay, I knew (and was very pleased) that it was an angle. Still marked my ass off when he hit the WSS though :gusta:
  15. For all the reasons Mustafar mentioned, it was pretty clear to me he wasn't actually retiring. I've been watching wrestling for too long to be sucked into something like this, no matter how genuine Henry's tears and retirement speech seemed to be. I figured as soon as Henry's music hit that he was Cena's next opponent, especially when Cena's speech that preceded the interruption was talking about his next opponent and Henry even came out and examined the WWE Title (which I could tell was a "I want this" type of moment) for a bit. This is the guy who just came off being a major heel for the past couple of years, after all.

    Great segment, though. Much better played than just Henry attacking Cena out of nowhere to start the feud.
  16. At first when he came out I was pretty sure that this was the start to a fued with him trolling the fans, but as he went on I just had to believe it. The delivery was unreal and the way he used his wife and kids was genius.
  17. I wonder if WWE would actually bother to reference to the feud between Henry and Bryan in late 2011/early 2012
  18. I was worked. The tweets, the tears, the mention of the people behind the scenes and his respect for the business... Even though it was against my better judgement he had me fooled.

    WWE needs to give that man the belt
  19. In the back of my mind when he mentioned Cena a couple of times it popped up, but him name-dropping his wife and whatnot went back to selling me.
    Segment of the year.

  20. :pity:
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