How many others like Big E Langston here?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. I see quite a lot of hate aimed at him, and I don't get why. Sure, his booking makes us think he's just a black version of Ryback, but he's not. He's really athletic for a guy his size, and the dude is a legit powerhouse (freakishly strong). I think his facial expressions are great to be honest, and his look helps him a lot. Why the hate?

    It really does seem the IWC is heading towards heckling any superstar that wasn't in RoH for ten years. The same has happened with Ryback. The guy is no where near as bad as people say, yet "smart fans" chant either "Goldberg" or "Boring" among other ridiculous chants at him when they see him. I've yet to see any reason to legitimately hate these two. Rant over. What's your opinion?
  2. He has chops in the ring but his mic work is horrible. If he's able to work on and improve his mic skills, then the sky is the limit for him. Alternatively, placing him with a manager to talk for him after he splits from Dolph would work too.
  3. "but his mic work is horrible" - what are you basing this off?
  4. Many interviews I've seen from NXT.
  5. Backstage interviews don't account for his mic work, and the actual few bits of mic time he has had has been okay. He has introduced ziggler twice, and both times was gold. Especially when he put on that British accent :lol1:

    Sure, he's no Ambrose on the mic, but it's definitely not "horrible" imo. Plus, a manager would work with Big E anyway like you said.
  6. I think he looks nervous when he's on the mic. It's something that can be worked on. Could you honestly say you could put him into a feud with Punk/Cena/Ziggler and not be worried about the promos?
  7. His mic work on the main roster has been okay but all his live promos on NXT was either meh or WTF. Never before have I seen a man cut a promo on the number 5. His ring work is okay if a bit limited, but he is a powerhouse so I don't expect hurricanranas or anything of the sort and he has a good build. I think he might suffer from some Bobby Lashley syndrome, in that his head is disproportional compared to the rest of his body, but Lashley worked so I see no reason for Big E to work either. I'm mainly put off by his ring gear, remove the singlets and let the man rock some trunks.
  8. I'd worry, but he isn't a wrestler that NEEDS to speak a lot, and in a feud like that you would most certainly have Cena/Ziggler do the mic work for him.

  9. i don't like his gimmick but he is a good wrestler
  10. seabs brought this up with Lashley. His head is so small compared to the rest of his body that it almost becomes comical. I see the same thing with Big E, his head seems so small I want to laugh.
  11. Seems like a completely legit reason to dislike a wrestler.
  12. If someone finds a wrestler funny to look at, I could see how it'd be hard to take said wrestler seriously.
  13. Like him or not he's the first ever black WWE Champion. INB4 THE ROCK, bore off.

    He's Cena/HHH/Vince/JR approved and he's an impressive specimen of human being. No homo. Also, if you follow his Twitter then you'll know he's genuinely hilarious which is why I believe he'll turn face sooner rather than later. Black Cena.
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  14. I'm not really in a position to judge him yet.

    On NXT- His ring work is good from what few matches I've seen, though his '5' gimmick is atrocious.

    w/ WWE- He is attached to Ziggler and I hate him for it. I'll be able to better judge him when he goes solo.
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  15. His tweets are pure gold.
  16. This is the reply I expected and hoped for. I don't get how so many people bag on the guy when all we have seen is glimpses. The glimpses in NXT are good, he just has a burial gimmick basically. Being attached to Lesnar does harm I suppose, naturally. Nice post.
  17. I like him too, he's explosive and freakish strong, I wouldn't mind seeing him as WWE champ soon
  18. I love him, His mania 29 match was awesome and showed off his skill other squash matches, He is hilarious on twitter and I believe he is fucking AJ.
  19. I particularly don't find him that bad. With some experience (polishing on the mic part mostly) he can be very good.
  20. I like him...away from Ziggler dominating the SD! midcard for example
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