How many years does Cena have left?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Dec 15, 2012.

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    Since Cena's body is breaking down constantly now and he's 35 years old now, how many years do you believe he has left in him?

    Do you think he'll have a similar schedule like The Undertaker or will he just retire?
  2. I can't see him completely retiring, at least not at first. I would say he would cut back in another 5 years. Sooner if he meets another woman and they begin having children. I can see him being done with the wwe completely when he is 43-45.
  3. Cena will go the way of Taker I imagine and still be very much involved in WWE but on lighter and lighter schedules. I imagine more time will be spent doing WWE charity work and helping the company in other ways. But in two years time his schedule will be dramatically reduced by that point and we will have a new face of the company.
  4. I could see him retiring in 3 or 4 years. By then someone would have already taken his spot and Cena would have had enough injuries to know it's time to go. I wonder how he'll leave though because it's difficult picturing him calling it quits. Maybe a pass the torch match a mania. Who knows?
  5. Cena vs Rollins WM 32! Rollins wins and retires Cena :woo1:
  6. 3-4 years then part timer...
  7. 3-4 years if he stays on top. Around 7 years at least if he starts cutting down on his work load and works a slightly lighter schedule, letting other guys do main event. Then part time or backstage role
  8. They'll start cutting down on his shedule, so let's say 10.
  9. RAW Superstar, RAW section.
  10. Hopefully he's gone sooner rather than later :pity:

    I'm guessing he still has around 5 years left in him :sad1:
  11. Cena doesnt have long left hes been going 10 years
  12. People who are saying 3 - 4 years have absolutely no clue.

    He will still be here for a good time to come.

    10 years at the minimum. After that he will prob take long brakes now and then and work a lighter shedule, like hogan did at the end of his career.
  13. I can see him retiring in 5 years. But now it is too early for him to retire, he still has a lot to offer to the WWE.
  14. 10 years max.

    With a lighter schedule in the last 4/5 years.
  15. However old undertaker is +5 because he's a troll
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