How much actual wrestling is on RAW?

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  1. Ok, so I saw this article on Yahoo (yes Yahoo, don't kill me) and I thought it was an interesting topic. Do you think WWE shows need more actual wrestling on them? I wouldn't complain.

    Reporter's findings (avgs for Oct RAW shows):
    Commercials: 49 minutes 35 seconds (26.6 percent)
    Mic work: 25 minutes 18 seconds (13.6 percent)
    Highlights, recaps, and replays: 9 minutes 27 seconds (5.1 percent)
    Wrestling: 1 hour 2 minutes 11 seconds (33.4 percent)
    Other: 39 minutes 45 seconds (21.3 percent)
  2. I would of classed entrances as part of wrestling unless it is someone taking the piss like Fandango. All the app crap can :gtfo:.
  3. I can see your point. Some of them are super long though. Like Orton's slow ass walk to the ring. And I'm tired of Cole pushing the app as well.
  4. I think they have actually stopped doing so much plugging of the app now haven't they? Either that or I am getting used to it and it doesn't bother me as much.
  5. I know it's hard to not count commercials, but If you downloaded raw or used your dvr an hour after the show starts. You'd have roughly 50% of in ring work and raw feels like it flies by.
  6. They probably have. They do votes alot now so that gives them a new opportunity every time.
  7. Watch SmackDown/Main Event/Superstars/NXT if you just want to see wrestling. RAW will always focus heavily on promos and different segments.
  8. Or watch TNA.
  9. Well its not really about what I want to see. I'm fine with how RAW is, but apparently some IWC fans feel differently.
  10. There's already plenty of wrestling on the show as far as I'm concerned. Last week, there was eight matches on the show and the week before that, nine matches. TV matches are generally shorter because viewers at home are more likely to tune out during wrestling matches than they are promos and backstage segments, unless it happens to be a well built match of importance (i.e a championship match in the main event or something similar.)

    The fact is, promos and segments are just as much apart of pro wrestling as a whole as the matches are, and most of the time, the most entertaining parts of Raw and the other shows are non-wrestling segments. The problem is, three hours is just too long for a weekly show, especially when you've also got two hours of Smackdown per week and three hours of PPV every month to go with it. IMO, the last thing we need is MORE wrestling. When it comes to the weekly TV shows, unless it's an important match like the Tag Team Title match from two weeks ago or something, then it's the non-wrestling portions of the show that I look forward to the most.
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  11. Well, TV shows do have to focus more on the segments and stuff, they're there to build towards the PPVs after all.
  12. Commercials are way to long and need to go.
  13. ^Congrats on correct usage^
    I do get tired of the long recaps sometimes because they are SO repetitive, but if you missed a show its nice to know what you missed I suppose.
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