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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. :yes::yes::yes:

    So glad WWE went with this for the summer angle. All my rage for Orton winning MITB has gone (inb4 he cashes in on Bryan after a one day reign), and when he was doing the yes chants I seriously had goose bumps. The guy is so over. Marked so much.
  2. Lets just say I woke my family up.......
  3. Lets just say that I was bored of WWE's shows and now I'll have fun until SummerSlam at least. A pic posted by Justin Roberts:


  4. WWE has been awesome lately.
  5. Gotta agree. The only thing I don't really like right now is what they're doing to Jericho. Ok, he's a part timer because of Fozzy, but they shouldn't make him look like a nobody. Doesn't make sense imo. He was one of the best wrestlers they had and now loses to guys like Rybotch or Fandingler at important PPVs
  6. Fandango was a good thing to get him over and Ryback needs to be over again so, Jericho came back to put people over.
  7. I love how all of the Bryan marks have completely changed their opinion on the WWE overnight because Bryan's main eventing a Pay Per View hahaha.

    Also, it makes no sense to have Jericho do anything, but put people over. He's 42, a part timer and miles past his prime. He's in the right position atm, get over it.
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  8. If you are talking about me there I have said for weeks now WWE has been a lot better.
  9. Who's he putting over? HE loses all the time, no one gets a rub by beating him. And why does Bryan marks liking him being in the main event surprise you? Not sure what your angle is there either.
  10. Gonna ignore that because you're just goading me into OOC.

    Gotta say, I was happy when I heard Bryan's name mostly because I thought Cena was gonna swerve us and announce The Rock for a minute.

  11. In his current run he's put over The Shield, Fandango, Wade Barrett, RVD and CM Punk. Every single person I mentioned there benefited in some way or another from beating him whether it was to show their credibility (Punk) or to give them exposure (Fandango). Hell, even RVD got something out of beating Jericho last night. It at least shows that they have plans for him with a clean win like that. Jericho's doing exactly what he should be doing at 42 years of age, if you want him to go on and grab another world title well then that sucks for you because it won't happen.

    About the Bryan marks, they were whining yesterday about how Orton shouldn't be Mr. MiTB because he doesn't deserve it, but as soon as Bryan gets his title shot they're all silent. People were saying that they don't want Orton back in the spotlight etc. etc., but it's really only because they're butthurt that their hero lost for once.
  12. Its got nothing to do with Bryan losing its the fact he needed it more, People can complain about it if they want, People are silent because now Bryan gets the title shot so everything has been fixed for Bryan fan. He needed it more and now he gets a title shot.

  13. How did he need the MiTB more if Cena can just come out, give him a title shot on PPV and everyone's over the moon about it? Do you think that he could have pulled that same shit last night with Orton? Your logic is ...
  14. I'm pretty sure every fucker and their dog saw this one coming the second Maddox announced Cena would be picking, but it didn't make that reaction any less awesome.
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  15. You're kidding yourself if you think anyone got anything from beating someone who always loses. The reward you get from beating Jericho long went after he had that dreadful losing streak. Sorry, but they gain nothing (in mine and many others' opinion). I don't want him to grab another title, I don't think I've read anyone here say they want him to get another title, so once again I fail to see your point.

    Regarding Bryan, DUH. What else do you want to happen? They thought him getting MITB was the only way to main event Summerslam - which was rumoured - and were naturally annoyed when he didn't. Did you want them to react maturely as if they could predict the future for last night's segment? Of course we were bummed. When he gets his shot though, we don't care... NATURALLY. Lol. What's your point? All I can gather is that you're somehow baffled that Bryan fans were sad Bryan didn't win, and were happy the next night when he got the main event shot...
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  16. How are you going to tell me that Fandango didn't benefit from feuding with Jericho? That Barrett didn't seem more credible as a champion be defeating both Jericho and The Miz cleanly? That The Shield didn't seem more dominant by taking out another future Hall Of Famer? Even while Jericho was losing he still remained relevant for a while and it showed as Fandango got extremely over from their feud. Just because it doesn't effect them in your opinion doesn't mean that it didn't effect everybody else's. He may not have as much effect now as he did a few months ago, but people still listen to him when he speaks and that's all they need to able to use him.

    All of the Bryan fans said he needed the briefcase and that Orton didn't need/ deserve it as much Bryan, tonight that proved to be bullshit. Didn't it? You all shitted on the WWE's booking yesterday when last night it proved it to be more beneficial than anything that any of you could have thought of. Sometimes wrestling fans have to realise that their favourite wrestler is not the only one that the WWE have focus on, maybe you guys should focus more on the WWE in general and less about your fan boy attraction. Because that's what it is and the whole point of watching, isn't it? To get involve never ending fictional world that is the WWE? Well, at least for me it is.

    Now, I've clearly laid out my points in both arguments so don't come back at me with that bullshit, cop out "I don't see your point" response.:jericho:
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  17. This^

    But the pop...damnnnn
  18. Its great for him to be given a shot against the main guy of the company on such a big ppv. I am happy but i don't see him winning at all, he is not going to make Cena tap and he has no real non submission finisher.
  19. If he wins it would be via roll up or small package or something similarly 'shocking'

  20. Like bulldogs win if i remember correctly? Still this is Cena we are talking about and it seems unbelievable for a guy booked so strong to lose in that manner. I take it anyway though.
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